What Is Your Cracker Combo According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you a classic Peanut Butter and banana, an indulgent s’more or a fancy-shmancy spinach-artichoke dip? Let’s take a look at how your horoscope traits and cracker combinations match up.


There are innumerable combinations that you can pair with a classic Butter Puff cracker; the puffy, round shape makes it aesthetically pleasing- and they provide the perfect base for experimentation. However, we’ve made it easier for you by listing down some stellar combos you can try at home. Moreover, we have carefully analyzed some of the most common traits inherent to the zodiac signs and paired each one with the perfect cracker combination.

The most important note here: they’re all equally delicious. Trust the empty plates and the sprinkling of buttery crumbs in our office.

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Butter Puff cracker + melted chocolate + toasted marshmallow

Aquarians are known to be fighters at heart and are ready to set themselves apart with their non-mainstream attitude. Whoever thought of toasting a perfectly well-to-do marshmallow over an open fire holds the same go-getter attitude of an Aquarian.


Cracker + cream + berries

Pisceans tend to wander along the realms of fantasy and reality; they are known to be soft and understanding and hold strong intuitive feelings. They are in tune with music and romance. And there’s nothing dreamier than berries with copious amounts of cream.


Cracker + peanut butter + banana + honey + walnuts

The sign of Aries kicks off the zodiac cycle. They operate with fierce optimism and have a penchant for no-nonsense. The straight forward attitude of this sign brings to the plate a classic cracker combo – peanut butter and banana. However, since an Aries is far from boring, we have added a drizzle of honey and some roasted walnuts.


Cracker + dark chocolate ganache + orange segments

What a Taurean desires the most is luxury and comfort. They like to feel pampered and don’t feel out of place when indulging. It is befitting for this zodiac sign, therefore, to be given this combination of a silken chocolate ganache with a tangy slice of orange, comfortably topped on a luxurious Butter Puff cracker.


Butter Puff Cracker + cheese + pepperoni + jalapenos

The Gemini twins are invested in a variety of pursuits and are often the life of the party. Much like a classic pizza, they are consistently surrounded by people and also carry with them the gift of versatility. To be extraordinary, or to be comfortable in your most basic form.


Cracker + roasted garlic mashed potatoes + parsley

The Cancerian is of a nurturing nature and is often considered a provider. Safety, warmth and inclusiveness are some of the important feelings that the Cancer zodiac is able to provide others. It also has the ability to transform the most ordinary of things, into something extraordinary – a creative knack. Roasted garlic mashed into billowy potatoes gives the same feels.


Cracker + lettuce + dynamite prawns

Zodiac power, Leo is all about the theatre, the attention, the head held high – they are the essence of vitality. And as we all know, the first thing one reaches for at a dinner party is the perfectly cooked prawn coated in a zingy sauce. Place it on a Butter Puff cracker, and you have an appetizer fit for a Leo.


Cracker + Cottage cheese + cucumber + red chili flakes

Perhaps the most logical of the zodiac signs, Virgo thrives on order and a meticulous system of operating. They like to be domesticated, making sure nothing goes to waste and that everything is thought through in its entirety. Fun fact: a Virgo is most likely to stick to a diet plan than the other signs.


Cracker + feta cheese + red and yellow bell peppers

Librans are notorious for their indecisive nature, however the other side of them which is often ignored is their love for exquisite things – be it food, art or design. There is a certain elegance in their manner, often disguised as superficial and material desires. A tart crumbly feta cheese paired with sweet peppers is the most ‘balanced’ way to describe a Libran.


Cracker + lemon cheesecake + biscuit crumbs

Scorpio likes sensory experiences. But they will not overtly demand them. They tend to cloak themselves in mystery and hide their emotions well. The most notable thing about a Scorpio is that they always have a card up their sleeve – a sting that is representative of the scorpion itself. That sting perfectly represents itself in the intense tang that this lemon cheesecake combo provides.


Cracker + spinach and artichoke dip

Sagittarians, much like Aries, is quite no-nonsense. However, they love to be out and about exploring, discovering and undertaking adventures. With so many enigmatic qualities, a rich spinach and artichoke dip is representative of the all-encompassing Sagittarius. It just so happens, that this dip is further enriched in taste and appearance with Butter Puff crackers.


Cracker + tuna salad

Very practical, ambitious and sensible – a Capricorn is a wise zodiac sign unimpressed by bells and whistles. A tuna salad, in all its simplicity and deliciousness, is what the Capricorn wants – no fuss but comforting to the soul.

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