Chai Wala, a Colorful Take on the Local Dhaba Scene


Pakistan is known for its love of tea and finding a local ‘chai’ shop is must do for every tea lover. The local dhaba chai, or roadside tea shop, has become a part of our culture and the strong, milky tea pleases taste buds of almost every tea lover. These chai dhabas can be found in almost every other lane or commercial area in Karachi but today we’re exploring something completely brand new in the chai world. A modern chai dhaba, named “Chai Wala” located in Bukhari Commercial Area. Chai Wala is a small yet unique outdoor setup with the ability to attract families, friends and couples. This unique little dhaba has a chic colorful look and although compact, the quality of tea speaks for itself. Its logo, tag line and theme is inspired by local truck art, truly depicting Pakistani culture. In a short span of time, Chai Wala has been embraced by many and is the new tea haunt for us thirsty Karachites. HTV Web met Hamza Usman (CEO), one of the partners of Chai Wala, and he told us how he and his partner, came up with the idea for such a unique beverage shop. Hamza himself hails from Kashmir, an area famous for its beautiful sites and delectable food items including the famous pink, creamy Kashmiri Chai. Hamza has been regularly making road trips to the Northern areas of Pakistan and although every province has its own subculture, one thing remained the same. Hamza was captivated by that fact that no matter where in Pakistan you travel, tea dhabas and transport trucks have the same look and culture across Pakistan. Hamza considered it to be one unifying factor in all his travels and this formed the inspiration for Chai Wala. His love for the Pakistani culture and the creative truck art is further proven by Chai Wala’s tag line: “Peeyo Magar Pyaar Se”.



Chai Wala is focused on providing purity with quality at minimal rates, which should have all their competitors rattling their tea cups with fear. Their no compromise on quality policy means they use the purest milk and branded mineral water for their tea. Tasty and hygienic is an unbeatable combination. Although typical black leaves chai is their speciality, it isn’t the only item on their menu. They offer different types of regional teas complimented by biscuits, bakarkhani, parathas (of various types) and more. Apart from local teas they also offer coffee, hot chocolate and cadbury tea.

With a highly trained staff and variety of products offered, Chai Wala seems to set to take over the chai market in town. Speaking to Hamza, a confident and determined partner of the business, we realize that they are soon planning to expand this chai business to a higher scale by providing facilities like home delivery, catering for events and more in the coming months.  HTV will be hitting Chai Wala for their post meeting tea breaks and look forward to seeing you there.


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