Breaking Habits – A 7-Step Plan to Get Rid Of Bad Habits


Habit is simply defined as something which one does and finds hard to give up. Where good habits improve our life quality, bad ones can have a negative impact on our lifestyle. What urges us to opt for bad habits may have to do with personal issues that we leave unnoticed. They could be stress, depression, addiction, unstable emotional state etc.

Bad habits are surely hard to break. Discontinuing them is difficult but not impossible! Let’s fight these bad habits by following a 7-step simple plan and come up stronger than ever.

Step 1 – Identify & Accept

The first and the most difficult step is to know what you’re doing wrong. Once you identify the bad habit, only then will you be able to change it. Stay conscious in times when you know you practice them the most and reconsider them.

Although this step may seem easy, but getting out of the denial phase and accepting your flaws is not an easy task.

Step 2 – Seek Advice

Seek Advice Step Plan to Get Rid Of Bad Habits

The second crucial step is to ask for advice or seek help. Find what you need to do to make things better. The best way to look for advice is to find people who have gone through the same thing. They might help you get rid of the bad habit.

Step 3 – Finding Reasons

Most of the time, finding and sticking to a single reason motivates you to get over a bad habit.
For example, a smoker can be motivated to fight this bad habit by concentrating on the damage to the lungs. Find your reason, for it should be a fuel for your persistence.

Step 4 – Commitment

Strong will, dedication and commitment are necessary. Once you have started working against those habits, commit yourself to staying away from them. Stick by every decision you make.

Step 5 – Small Steps

Small Steps Step Plan to Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Do not aim for complete eradication in one go, things might become impossible. Therefore, start with baby steps. Slowly but gradually you will overcome bad habits. Work on meeting a goal each week, this shall motivate you to work even harder.

Step 6 – Stay Organized

Keep yourself busy. Indulge yourself in small tasks so that you don’t feel the need to repeat that bad habit. Make a timetable; it will help you stay organized.

Step 7 – Alternative Distractions

Distract yourself from any thought which may wake up the need to indulge in that habit again. Find alternate activates; they will help you stay focused.

Once you have successfully followed this 7-step plan to break your bad habits, all you have to do is remain steadfast on your decision so that you don’t revert back.

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