4 Things Addressed at Aurat March Sexist Meme Pages Won’t Tell You About


The latest backlash at the Aurat March this year has brought a lot of false claims. But the most prominent among these is that the march only included privileged women wanting the right to walk naked on the streets. But that’s not true.

Here are 5 things that were addressed at the Aurat March that you won’t hear about from misogynistic meme pages focused on hating women.

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Economic Justice

Placards demanding for equal pay, freedom to work and from work exploitation were held up by women at the march.

Another issue addressed was the implementation of the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010 to create a safe working environment for all.

More often than not, home-makers and domestic work done by women is overlooked as something women are ‘supposed’ to do. This year the march demanded the recognition of this work along with caring for families as unpaid labor that should be considered equal to all other kinds of labor. And the recognition of women’s labor in the production of food and cash crops.

Environmental Justice

Source: Aurat March /Facebook

This is the demand for the protection of environment needs and that the eco-friendly solutions are implemented as soon as possible in order to conserve and protect the environment.

Placards demanding for the right to clean water were also held.

In fact, justice for animals was also demanded. Protection of animals from all sorts of cruelty and a ban on culling stray animals.

Access to Public Spaces

Source: Gulf News

One of the recurrent topics that have been present in almost all feminist forums is a woman’s right to public spaces. The demand has reverberated again at the march. The demand for women to have safe public spaces and the demand asking authorities to put an end to street violence.

And the demand for affordable, safe and hygienic public transport as well as public bathrooms.

Encroachment Injustice

The march also included protesting against the effects of the recent anti-encroachment drive and how it killed the livelihood of many underprivileged people.

It demanded the government to compensate for their losses and to provide them with alternative places to live or set up their businesses.

Hear that men like Amir Liaquat? Maybe you should at least read the manifesto of the march before telling women what they should demand.

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