Best and Worst Foods for Digestion


Our body can digest almost anything we eat, but in our daily routines, we consume many processed foods that can pose not only a problem during Digestion, but also affect our well being.   Fortunately, there are many natural foods that help keep our digestive system to run smoothly. Similarly, there are many foods that one must avoid in order to maintain a healthy digestive track. Let’s see what kind of foods need to be avoided and which ones need to be incorporated in our daily diets.

Foods to Stay Away From

Fried Food and Foods with High Fat Content: The body can only take a certain amount of fat during a certain meal. Excessive fat can make digestion difficult, causing a higher level of acidity in the body which results in severe symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux. This increased acidity in the body can be harmful in many ways, since the normal pH of the body is just a little above the neutral level. For those who suffer from an Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), it is best to avoid high-fat foods such as cheese and butter. Excessive intake of fat may result in steatorrhea-a phenomenon associated with a pale colored stool.

Chili Peppers: Besides having no nutritional value, this Pakistani staple is also harmful for your digestive track. The most widely reported problem associated with intake of chili peppers is heart burn. Those already suffering from the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) must avoid eating chili peppers. Eating chili peppers often causes heartburn that may further deteriorate if it is not removed from your diet.

Dairy: Calcium is a major component of all dairy products and everyone looking out to lead a healthy life needs their daily dosage of it.  Most of us consume major chunks of Calcium through milk and cheese. Unfortunately, it may not be as easy for some to consume these dairy products without regretting it. Lactose intolerance is problem faced by many people around the world. If you’re lactose intolerant and are reading this, you know that staying away from dairy is your best bet. The absence of the enzyme lactase in such people creates the inability to digest most dairy products. Lactase is important to break down lactose and the absence of the enzyme makes Digestion of dairy products a very difficult process.

Chocolate: Yes, chocolate may also be a cause of your upset digestive system. It is the milk constituent of chocolate that is the main culprit. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which stimulates cramping, bloating, diarrhea etc.

Corn: This food staple is crammed with fiber; however, it is also rich in cellulose. The cellulose content of corn has earned it the title of one of the worst foods for digestion. This is owed to lack of necessary enzymes in the human body required to break down the cellulose content. The break-down of cellulose is relatively more potent in the saliva. Unless you chew and chew and chew the corn before swallowing it, be ready to be troubled with bloating and cramps.

Foods to Eat

Yogurt: Yogurt is your best friend when it comes to a healthy digestive system. It contains numerous bacteria which are naturally found in the body. These bacteria help optimum function of the Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract and helps replenish its and worst foods for digestion2

Fish: Fond of meat and still want to keep your GI tract healthy? Go for fish! And even lean meat if you must. They are low in fat and pleasant for your tummies. The body tends to handle lean meat and fish multiple times better than fatty meat.

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