Best Tips to Make Your Marriage Successful


1. Be Flexible and Accommodating

Most people enter marriage with unrealistically high expectations. These expectations are often the cause of anxiety and disappointment. It’s important for every married person to come to terms with the fact that neither they, nor their spouse can ever be perfect. There will be many instances where they will disagree as everyone has different preferences, priorities and circumstances. This is why the ability of both spouses to compromise is crucial to a successful marriage. Husband and wife should be able to sacrifice to accommodate for one another’s unique views, needs and flaws.

When living with someone else, it’s easy to become irritated by small things, such as a wet towel on the floor, or being made late to a party. In these cases, as well, flexibility is extremely important. Couples should focus on the big picture and not allow little things to come in the way of their relationships. They can, however, convey constructive criticism and patiently encourage one another to alter their behavior.

2. Be Kind and Appreciative

Often, the mutual appreciation and respect present in the initial stages of marriage diminishes with time. Husband and wife begin to take one another for granted and dismiss the things they do for one another as a marital duty.

Kindness and gratitude go a long way when it comes to strengthening relationships. Not only does the person expressing gratitude becomes increasingly satisfied and appreciative, the one on the receiving end feels gratified and is inspired to perform better and to reciprocate the kindness of their spouse. Science has shown that the more kindness one experiences, the more they will try and be kind to themselves.

3. Communicate With One Another

Effective and meaningful communication can eliminate stress and misunderstandings in relationships. Conflicts can often be avoided simply by openly sharing feelings and views, both positive and negative. Spouses should try and develop meaningful, honest relationships through conversation—sharing with one another ideas, experiences, and beliefs. When communicating, husband and wife must remember to listen carefully, give importance to and respect the views of one another. Small, sweet gestures or a change of tone can be enough to completely change someone’s attitude.

4. Work on Yourself and on Your Relationship

Nothing worth having comes without hard work. In order for a marriage to be successful, husband and wife must demonstrate commitment and prioritize their relationship. Each person must try to improve themselves and try to please their spouse, perhaps by changing things about themselves or abandoning habits which their spouse finds annoying.

5. Spend Meaningful Time Together

Together-time does not necessarily mean candle-lit dinners or mini-breaks. In fact, over emphasizing together-time can make it seem unnatural and create unnecessary pressure. Couples should find simple activities that they both enjoy. Even doing normal, everyday things as a couple, such as walking the dog or sharing a meal can help in relationship maintenance. What’s important here is that husband and wife learn to take time out for one another and enjoy each other’s companionship.

Every marriage is unique. Do not judge the success of your own relationship by comparing it to others’.  If you choose to follow these tips, make sure to do so in a way that works for both you and your partner. Your ultimate goal should simply be to be happy together and live in harmony.

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