Be Grateful and Say Thanks!


When was the last time you said a quiet prayer where you just thanked nature, your parents or God for all its blessings?  If you look around and observe closely, everyone’s statements’ start with “My life isn’t going anywhere” and ends with “I wish I had never been born!” There are too many “I wish’s” everywhere. Why is it that people only tend to look at the negative side and block out all the positivity when they speak? We might appear happy while clicking those selfies, and in our profile picture on Facebook. So why is it that we must make use of statements filled with ingratitude? For International Thank You Day, which is January 11th of every year, we want you to be thankful.

Simple Phrases Can Change Your Life

People say what they think. When we say negative things about our life, via text or in our speech, we are automatically filling our subconscious mind with negativity. We don’t want that now, do we? The subconscious plays a major role in our lives. More than we may realize. Our instinct, our abrupt decisions, our feelings, anger, happiness, everything is controlled indirectly by our subconscious brain. The subconscious brain stores information that might be too much to retain for the conscious.

Avoid using statements that may tell your subconscious mind that you are dissatisfied. Even in times of hardship, difficulty and struggle, think positive. It can be really difficult to find positivity when surrounded by hardship and negativity, but just tell yourself and SAY it OUT LOUD that you are grateful for everything and that everything will be fine. Develop a mantra for such situations; anything from a movie, or a quote you read in a magazine or Facebook. Something along the lines “I am thankful for everything; difficult times are temporary”. When you say it out loud, you will feel more confident about your situation, because now you are assured that it is all intermittent.

How to be Grateful

Prayer is not the only way to show gratitude for the gift of life and other countless blessings constantly bestowed on us. There are numerous ways to feel gratitude. Why always complain about having less clothes and accessories? Take a look at your closet and if you have even 5 decent pieces of clothing, you are richer than many. Why must we always complain about wanting a better laptop, the latest iPhone, a branded watch or go for the new stock at Khaadi that you are dying to buy? Take a look outside your window and you will easily find at least 2 less fortunate people than you wearing torn clothes, with a shabby appearance looking around for some way to fill in their stomach to last the day. You will find numerous children under the age of 10 going through the garbage bins looking for leftovers that you might have carelessly left in your plate, but for them it is the day’s sustenance. Why must we complain about parents who just ‘don’t get us’? Why must we not think about the orphan and the less fortunate?

Whenever you feel like life has been unfair, and that you might rather be someone else, think about those less fortunate than you before you utter words that paint your life with the most negative brushes. If you have shelter, food, and education, you are richer than anyone in the world.

The key to a life of gratitude and content is the way you think and perceive things. The moment you tell yourself that ‘it could be worse’ and that everything is for the best, things will work out fine, sometimes soon and sometimes late. Nothing lasts forever and everything is workable!

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