Car Detailing the Adnaan Chaudhary Way


Many people assume car detailing is just a simple case of taking out dents, painting, with a quick interior vacuum, exterior wash with soap and water and a slick of polish. However, there is much more than what meets the eye. HTV took an excursion to Detail Pro Karachi, a professional auto-detailing garage, and spoke to co-owner Adnaan Chaudhary. His partner, Shah Jahan, wasn’t available for the interview but he works side-by-side with Adnaan in running Detail Pro Karachi, adhering to the highest professional and moral standards. When asked what is one thing his customers tell him, he chuckled and replied, “they tell me ‘thanks for not using up my petrol.’ In a city where misuse of things are rampant, customers rely on me to be upfront with them.”

When I asked about the real deal behind car detailing, he let me in on a not-so secret fact: “Auto detailing is technical. Just as a mechanic needs to know the ins and outs of a car, so too does someone who details one. Detailing involves taking apart a car and going really inside to clean it. We thoroughly clean, finish and restore the car as if it was brand new.”


Detail Pro opened up shop in 2003, and when asked how Adnaan got into this line of work, he explained how before he was ever given permission to take out the car, his father would first tell him to clean it. Now if this were a deterrent practice it would have worked on me because if had to clean a car before using it, I would eventually stop asking.  But Adnaan stuck to it and honed in his love and skills for automobiles, which is why today some of his clients’ cars are the most luxurious in Karachi. From Porsches to BMWS to Vigos, his clientele trust him. They are confident he will not only thoroughly clean and restore them, but most importantly they wont be misused. Explaining his work ethic, he tells us “I have an open transparency policy. I tell my customers about the process throughout, I take before and after pictures, and if a part needs to be replaced, I find the part for them and give them the number so they can purchase the part themselves, cutting me out as the middleman.”








The garage where all the detailing magic happens. The space is enclosed with high walls for security purposes


BEFORE: The dirty undercarriage of a Pajero


AFTER: Using a high-powered water jet, called a Pressure Washer, this is the same undercarriage. Now they will do their magic to make it look brand new








A Porsche is almost ready, the tires just need to be put back on


Employees at Detail Pro Karachi don’t own these luxury vehicles, and in fact some don’t own cars in general. But they are skilled in the technical know-how and are professionally capable of cleaning even the smallest of parts


Another Porsche that was being worked on. It has been thoroughly cleaned, and the bumper is the last step. For paint restoration and polishing, they use a machine that’s called a buffer to rub a material called Compound.

The next time you need your car thoroughly cleaned and restored, you can trust Adnaan, Shah Jahan and Detail Pro Karachi to give your vehicle the best service possible. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more details.

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