Ali Zafar’s song is in a physics paper, but the theory is not music to the ears of celebrities.


In a physics exam, an intermediate student created a song by singer and actor Ali Zafar. On social media, the marked-paper video is trending.

A paper marking employee published a one and a half minute film online after pointing out that the physics paper had a nonsense answer.

Unidentified contender gave a beautiful response to the difficult topic of why the middle fringe of Newton’s rings is dark.

He originally composed the lyrics for the song “Jhoom” by Ali Zafar, which recently made headlines 11 years after its release, and then he added them: “Bara Khatarnak paper diya hai, Qasam sai dil dukhta hai.”

He scribbled in response, “Meri Jan maine tujhe dekha hastay huae gallon mai, Baybus Khayalon mai, Nadiyon mai Naalon mai,” and covered at least two pages of the answer sheets to trick the paper-checking staff—a common strategy employed by students who perform poorly academically.

The individual who recorded the video and posted it online applauded the student’s perseverance for yet another attempt to fill an answer sheet and con the teachers by inserting pauses between statements.

Additionally, the student admitted to sleeping during the lectures and requested the paper grader leave him alone. Before coming to a conclusion, he criticized Isaac Newton for trapping students in difficult-to-understand concepts and pleaded with the grader to grant him grace points.

Ali asked the children not to find physics in his songs and to concentrate on their studies while he shared the video on Twitter. He also emphasized the need to treat teachers with respect.

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