9 Cool Uses of Aluminium Foil you Didn’t Know


It might come as a surprise to you that aluminium foil is one of the most versatile objects in your house. There are a multiplicity of ways in which this simple item – available at most department stores and supermarkets – could make your life so much easier.

  1. Let’s start with the garden. If you’re into horticulture, aluminum foil should be on top of your shopping list. Tape it down next to your plants and it’ll bounce of sunlight towards them to ensure they get the photons they need for photosynthesis. Additionally, the metallic sounds and silver sheen have been proven to deter pests and birds from nagging your precious seedlings. (It goes without saying that you’ll need to have the shinier side up. Yes, one side is shinier than the other. Identify it.)

stick strips of meat

  1. Foil is invaluable when it comes to barbeques. People often stick strips of meat, vegetables and spices in a layer of foil and leave that over the grill. Don’t forget to put a layer of foil underneath the grill to catch the ash. When you’re done, ball it up and use that to scrub the rest of the grill. You can even scrub regular pots and pans with this magical stuff. Just don’t try it with non-stick pans.
  2. Speaking of scrubbing, foil is great for getting rid of rust. Just dip it in some cola and rub that Iron Oxide away.

sharpen scissors

  1. Aluminium foil is incredibly effective at helping you sharpen scissors. Just flatten out a sheet, fold it up a couple of times and then cut it with the scissor. This alone will make the scissor edges smooth and sharp.
  2. Using this wonderful substance to soften brown sugar is an age-old practice. It’s survived the test of time because it works. Just wrap up that annoyingly hard clump of sucrose in some foil, bake it in an oven at 300 degrees for five minutes, and it’ll come out soft and warm. Problem solved.

lackluster silverware

  1. If you suffer from lackluster silverware, just add a layer of foil to the bottom of a glass. Toss in two teaspoons of salt and baking soda with some hot water and just leave the concoction for five minutes. Your spoons and forks will come out noticeably shinier. The cool thing is, this works for jewelry as well. It’s a tried and true method for polishing up your rings and necklaces.
  2. This is an unconventional use, but it sure is handy. If you have a baby who isn’t potty trained yet, consider putting a layer of aluminum under the sheets so that the mattress doesn’t get soiled.

ironing board

  1. I bet you didn’t know that sticking a long strip of foil under the cover of your ironing board would speed up the un-wrinkling process. Why? It’s simple. The foil absorbs the heat so the wrinkles leave cotton and woolen fabrics much faster.
  2. Have you ever struggled to move heavy furniture around? Don’t you hate how it scratches the floor? By adding a folded wad of aluminum underneath the legs of the chair/sofa/table, you can kill the friction that mauls your flooring, and ensure a smoother slide from one room to another.

Perhaps one of the best things about this miraculous product is that it’s practically reusable! What are you waiting for? Hit the supermarket and stock up before the other people who read this article get there first!

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