7 Healthy Habits to Amp Up Your Sex Life


Want to amp up your sex life? Things can get a bit boring and dull, when you skip out on healthy habits, approaches and techniques to a better sex life. So what are the secrets? Try some of these healthy habits for a better sex life

1. Be More Alluring

The truth is, your perception of each other is the most important factor in a relationship—so be alluring. Do something for your partner to win them over for the day. Charm them with a favor or put on your best behavior, and you will be more likely to receive gift in return.

Another approach is to wear something that stands out or gets their attention. Sometimes a little visualization is more powerful than words—this is the secret passage straight to the center of the male mind. This technique is an obvious choice for ladies, as men are much more visual, when it comes to the opposite sex.

On the other hand, women find emotional connection with a man an alluring factor. Men will find “alluring” much more complicated, since it requires you to get in touch with your feminine side. Women find a creative man much more alluring—so express a little emotion.

2. Say What You Want

Instead of leaving it open for them to guess, tell your partner exactly what you want. It’s a rush of adrenaline expressing such things in conversation, so if you don’t want to outright say it, try gestures or non-verbal cues. Communication in the bedroom is essential for a healthy sex life—unless of course, you can read each other’s minds.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships study found that those who communicate well were much more satisfied in bed. Even more so, those who talked during sex were even more satisfied. It comes as no surprise that your ability to express your feelings to your partner is essential for a healthy sex life.

3. Laugh a Bit

Kids need playtime, and so do adults! It’s important to laugh every once in a while to keep the energy of your relationship alive. Do something together that allows you both to let loose and laugh—go dancing or take a mini-vacation!

A laugh gets the blood pumping and increases your heart rate—both important factors that have been shown to improve your response and performance during sex.

4. Try New Places and Things

It’s always a good idea to explore new territory and things. When it comes to keeping your sex life alive, finding your preferred pleasure centers is the key. This is why it’s important to explore to find out what you prefer to relay back to your partner. Switch things up by also changing the scenery around you. If you save sex for the bedroom, be bold and try a different location for a change.

If you usually reserve sex for the evening, try it at morning or in the daytime. Unexpected intimacy—when executed correctly—can be the most pleasant surprise.

5. Workout Daily

It’s not that you need to improve your looks—it’s actually much more important to incorporate exercise into your daily exercise to improve your overall health. If you want to build healthier sex habits, exercising is a great way to start.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a daily workout regimen decreased men’s risk of erectile dysfunction—an important factor for a healthy sex life.

Men who exercise for at least 20-30 minutes a day decreased their risk of erectile dysfunction by about 50 percent. This same thing is true for ladies—women who workout had increased libido and healthier cardiovascular systems for more satisfying sex lives.

6. Do Yoga

Besides its obvious additions of toning the physique and improving flexibility, the practice of yoga works wonders on your sex life.

Medical research studies in India found that practicing yoga for an hour a day improved men’s “endurance” in bed by tripling the time it takes to climax. Not only is yoga a great addition to prolong a man’s orgasm, it also works to improve core strength and pelvic muscle control to improve the experience.

7. Take a Walk Together

You can’t expect to have a satisfying sex if you have constant worries on the mind. Step outside and take a quiet stroll with your partner to escape the weight of negative thoughts. The direction of your thoughts is amongst the most important factors to help get you and your partner ‘in the mood’. Clear out all the extra stress with a deep breath and a peaceful walk.




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