7 Everyday Things You are Doing Wrong


Life isn’t easy. There’s no instruction manual that tells us how to get through the day – we just have to guess, or copy others. Life is full of challenges, but it’s never too late to start making your everyday existence a little bit less stressful. We have compiled a list of 9 everyday things that you are doing wrong

1. Washing Your Hair Every Day

washing your hair everyday things

Over washing hair can result in it becoming dull, dry and frizzy. It is only recommended to wash hair once or twice a week unless the scalp is more prone to becoming greasy.

2. Brushing Your Teeth With Only Horizontal Brush Movements

brushing your teeth horizontally everyday things

Brushing your teeth with horizontal movements only is WRONG. Forgetting to floss is probably the most common but most serious mistake. Proper brushing of the teeth involves short vertical movements, always performed from the gums to the edge of the tooth. It doesn’t mean though that brushing teeth horizontally is not necessary at all.

And one more thing: proper brushing should take 2-3 minutes, but unfortunately the vast majority of us ignore this simple rule.

3. Using Too Much Soap In The Shower

using too much soap everyday things

Our skin becomes drier as we grow old, and soap, only makes it worse. Try to use the minimum amount of soap. And use a good quality moisturizing soap to keep your skin clean and moisturized.

4. Exercising Without a Warm-Up

exercising without warm up everyday things

Exercising too hard and skipping warm-ups and short breaks can be harmful to your body. It’s important to include warm-up and flexibility exercises in your workout and to gradually increase its intensity. And if you want to avoid injuries, don’t forget those stretching exercises at the end of your workout.

5. Exfoliating Every Day

Exfoliating everyday things

Over-exfoliating can result in striping the natural oil of the skin. This can result in excessive dryness, redness, irritation and broken blood vessels. While it’s healthy to exfoliate, your skin needs a balance. Exfoliating should only be done once every three days.

6. Hot and Long Showers

hot and long showers everyday things

Sometimes it can be hard to get out of those hot cozy showers. But subjecting your skin to such prolonged heat can dry it out, make skin itchy, cause redness and create flakes. It’s best to keep showers short and warm.

7. Leaving A Bag Of Chips Open

leaving-chips open everyday things

Some people use pins to seal those half-eaten bags of chips, while others just leave them folded in half, hoping that the bag won’t open. Leaving the chips bag open makes them dry and stale in no time before you get to eat them again. Either eat it all or seal it the proper way!

These were some of the things you have been doing wrong. Try avoiding them for a balanced life.

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