5 Ways To Become A Morning Person


For many people, waking up early in the morning is the blight of their day. Feeling drowsy, irritable and unable to focus on the task at hand are just some of the indications that your mind and body are craving a little more sleep than they got the night before. Have you ever looked at chirpy morning people and wondered how they managed to be so focused and awake in the early hours of the day? Well the answer is quite simple. The most likely explanation lies in their lifestyle habits. Following a healthy, steady routine is one of the best ways to change the system and transform into a cheerful morning person. These habit modifications will help you do just that!

1.     Limit Exposure

We often tend to use electronic gadgets right before we try to doze off. Staring at a laptop screen, television set, or mobile phone not only exhausts your brain and pressurizes your eyes, it also makes it challenging for your body to power down into a sleepy state. Stay away from electronic gadgets at least half an hour to one hour before sleeping to give your mind the time it needs to settle down and prepare itself for the night.

2.     Drink Wisely

Having a caffeine-rich drink close to your regular sleep time is bound to shake things up. Caffeine causes a sensation of mental alertness which pushes your brain away from tempering down into a state of relaxation. Limit your caffeine intake to a few hours before your designated sleep time.

3.     Fix A Routine

This may sound quite difficult and even slightly boring. However, the truth is that a routine helps your body to quiet down into a comfortable rhythm. It does not face the additional stress of mismatched timings and sudden changes. After a few days of sleeping early and waking up early, your body will automatically start to follow this internal schedule. Try it for a few days, and you will notice the difference!

4.     Prepare A Cozy Atmosphere

Your surrounding environment can have a significant effect on the quality and duration of sleep. Make sure that the area is uncluttered, that your bed is comfortable, that the lights are dimmed or switched off, and that the temperature is just right. When there is no external stress, your body can begin to slow down and relax.

5.     Nap With Care

Napping during the day can be quite tricky to manage. If you can power nap (30 minutes of sleep) in the afternoon, it is a great way to recharge for the rest of the day. However, if you feel that you will be unable to wake up before a few hours have lapsed, hold off on the nap and sleep once at night. Napping at the wrong time of the day or napping for too long, can upset your sleep cycle.

The Takeaway

Being a morning person has its benefits especially if your work requires you to be awake and focused at 9 am. Try out these techniques and you will be able to see a noticeable difference in a short span of time! Remember, your health should always be your number one priority, and these tips will help you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Feel free to comment with your insights, suggestions and feedback.

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