5 Basic Rules to Maintain a Healthy Weight


Losing weight is not the only dilemma. With programs like 42-day challenge and all kinds of aerobics studios readily available, losing weight readily is not as hard as it once used to be. But once the routine is discontinued, it’s not alien to gain it back. Some people like going on hardcore diet and take up exercise plans that are too difficult to maintain.

Not to worry though. All you need is a proper plan. Just like you need a plan for losing weight, you need one for maintaining it tot to not let your hard work and struggle go waste.

1. Do NOT skip meals

The biggest misconception regarding weight loss and weight maintenance is skipping meals to cut down on calories. Always remember, that cutting down calories is not equal to cutting down your number of meals. What’s better for your body is to eat multiple meals bit in small portions. What is most important for you is to have a proper and healthy breakfast. Most suitable and easy to make would be a protein shake with non-dairy ingredients.

Divide your meals into 6 smaller meals a day. The key is to cut down on the portions. This way you will feel full all day without craving for unhealthy snacks. It also keeps your blood sugar at level, preventing any feeling of fatigue.

2. Move more every day

According to American Health Association, a recommended 30 minutes of moderate day exercise will do you good. Simple lifestyle modifications will do the job. Forget the elevator exists and take the stairs as much as you can. Park a little further, jog in place before jumping into the shower. Plank for 30 seconds everyday for a flatter tummy. Even if you can’t take out 30 minutes for yourself, do not be demotivated. Even just 10 minutes of low to moderate intensity of exercise will do your job for the day. It’s better than nothing as long as you’re moving and increasing your heart beat. You can surely take out 30 minutes for yourself everyday, you just have to be determined.

3. Cut down on fizzy drinks

Do you ever feel like you’re not eating too much, but you are still getting bulkier? It could be that you drink a lot of fizzy drinks. When you’re drinking them it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking anything extra, since they do not leave you feeling full. Did you know a can of Pepsi contains the sugar equivalent to about 5 to 10 tablespoons of sugar? What would be better instead is to replace all fizzy drinks with water or fresh juices, or try sipping green tea after meals.

4. Do not deprive yourself

Deprivation will lead you nowhere. No matter how determined you are, cravings are a natural part of life. If you’re craving a little treat, go for a small bit. Depriving yourself will do you no good since small cravings pile up to become big ones and you’ll probably just end up having a bigger portion of it. If you crave fizzy drinks, have a sip or two. It’s still better than chugging down a whole glass.

5. Keep track of your calories

If you have a smartphone, download an app that’ll help you keep track of your calories. This will help you compare your input to your output. You can also enter the amount of calories each day and if you cross them, you can adjust them the next day.

Just simple lifestyle changes do the trick in maintaining a healthy weight.


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