15 Reasons to have Castor Oil at Home


Castor oil has been the go to remedy for just about any ailment in my family. Castor oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant also known as Ricinus communis. Commonly known as ‘Arandi ka Tel’, castor oil is used in various cosmetics, soaps, textiles, massage oils, and even medicines owing to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing properties. This can be taken orally or applied topically. Its wide variety of uses owes to the fact that it is rich in vitamin E which is not only beneficial but also essential for the human body. Given below are 15 castor oil uses that are bound to make a difference in your life

  1. Castor oil is amazing for skin. It quickens the healing process and makes the skin soft and supple. In addition, it reduces pigmentation and blemishes. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce occurrence of acne and is great for burns. It can be used to prevent stretch marks as well.
  2. Castor oil helps reduce puffiness and tiredness from the eyes. By applying castor oil around the eye a night before, you can look more awake and less like you got less than 6 hours of sleep. It also helps reduce the formation of crow’s feet from around your eyes.
  3. That’s true! For your head and eyelashes or even eyebrows, massaging castor oil on your scalp can help nourish your scalp and condition your hair. By applying it to your eyelashes, they can grow twice their size within a week and become stronger hence, less prone to breakage.

mixture of castor oil

4. Massaging a mixture of castor oil and turmeric to your knees or other joints can help reduce the pain of arthritis. Any other pain caused by inflammation can also be treated with this mixture. Consult a doctor before using.

5. The best remedy for split ends is to apply castor oil directly to your tips and leave it over night. This will strengthen your hair; make them less brittle hence, less prone to breakage.

castor oil points

6. To get rid of chapped lips, mix castor oil with brown granulated sugar and scrub your lips to remove all the dead skin.

cator oil point 2

7. Castor oil is a great treatment for insomnia. Before going to bed just rub some on your eyelids. Make sure it doesn’t get in your eye. This will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

8. Castor oil is probably used most commonly as a laxative. It keeps your bowel movements regular and prevents constipation. Add a teaspoon of it in your morning tea or a glass of juice every day and prevent any bowl related discomfort.

castor oil point 3

9. It can be applied over warts, corns and calluses to reduce the pain and discomfort. With its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it can eventually make the corns shrink and disappear.

10. With its anti-fungal properties it is one of the most effective treatments for ringworms. Mix 2 teaspoons of castor oil with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and apply it to the affected area overnight. Cover the area for best results.

11. Naturopathic practitioners use castor oil to help people with impaired immunity. It encourages the growth of white blood cells, which are the body’s defense mechanism

12. Cracked and brittle nails can be cured with castor oil. It can also help strengthen cuticle. Just apply some oil to your nails before bed for a couple of weeks for a noticeable difference.

castor oil point 4

13. Many people use castor oil to induce labor in pregnant women. It is not a recommended treatment option but it contains ricinoleic acid that can stimulate contractions.

14. Castor oil can be used as a disinfectant for scrapes and cuts. Apply a little on areas which have been scratched and it will heal in a day or two.

15. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, massage your belly with castor oil.

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