12 Amazing Uses Of Lemon Peels


There are so many “when life gives you lemons” quotes and all are valid (Even though we humans are already throwing, squeezing, slicing, peeling and pretty much doing everything to the bright citrus filled fruit). So ladies and gentlemen grab your lemons because it’s time that you are going to find that after making that delicious and much needed lemonade in hot seasons, the amazing sauces for pretty much everything edible, these marvelous yellow spheres still have some use left in them (excellent resilience from something easily produced even in home soil).

1. Cleaning Dishes and Tough Stains

Lemons (both peel and citrus) contain an impressive ability to remove stains, even the ones that are so tough that they make us cringe. Ladies, you can easily clean your dishes, coffee pots, even clothes that have got those nasty tea stains. You can combine the lemon rinds with your everyday detergents to gain that extra strength for those extra resilient stains.

2. Deodorize

Lemon peels are strong deodorant agent which can help you rid away of any trapped odor in cutting boards, ovens (along with removing the stains inside oven) and your hands! Rub lemon peels over the surface to remove any lingering odor like the smell of onion or garlic. The magic yellow peels will make your hands and surfaces smelling fresh again.

3. Whiten Teeth

Yes folks your organic yellow helps you beat the highly unwanted yellow shade your teeth may acquire! As it turns out, citrus helps retain the strength of our teeth and since lemon peel is such an amazing stain remover, your teeth will instantaneously becoming whiter. Note: Avoid using this remedy frequently because high amount of citrus might damage your enamel and gums.

4. Facials

The inside of lemon peel, when rubbed onto facial skin and allowed to dry over a period of 10-20 minutes, lightens age spots and skin tone altogether and sunburns. You can repeat this remedy everyday till desired results are visible.

5. Lemon Zest

Grate lemons for lemon zest which is an amazing ingredient in bringing that zesty flavor in your dishes and sauces. Lemon zest can also be frozen and easily reused. Lemon zest can also be used in smoothies, shakes and tea.

6. Fragrance

Not only will lemon peel allow you to remove all the nasty odor in your utensils and dishes, they can also be used as air fresheners by simply burning the fresh or dried peels along with some wood to produce a characteristically delicious lemon scent all over the place.

7. Deter Cats

The citrus found in lemon is an amazing cat repellent (unless you have a cat as pet). For anyone who wishes to ban cats from littering in garden areas or wandering around inside the house tearing apart the flower pots, you can put lemon peels in the soil to repel any unwanted feline visitors.

8. Homemade Vitamin C powder

Heat dried lemon peels on a piece of paper to 200⁰ C to destroy any live enzymes that may be present and grind the peels to produce your very own homemade Vitamin C powder. You can use this powder to produce variety of facial masks and essence for dishes.

9. Removing Rust

The nasty rust marks left in your shower by any metallic can, that rusted due to prolonged exposure to moisture can be removed by first spreading salt all over the rust marks and then rubbing them with a half cut lemon (which still has pulp inside) and rinsing that area thoroughly.

10. Ant Deterrent

Placing lemon rinds over by ant burrows and window sills allows your home to be insect free until a more permanent solution is sought.

11. Reduce Cholesterol

Adding lemon zest to your drinks allows you to lower your cholesterol levels and at the same time help you lose weight. A healthy diet maintained with regularly drinking ginger tea with lemon zest added or boiled along with lemon peels, can kick start your fitness train.

12. Furniture Polish

You can soften your elbow skin which may have become dry and damaged during the winter by using a half cut lemon with baking soda sprinkled over it; now push your elbow into the lemon as if juicing it for several minutes. After that you can rinse and dry for instantaneous results.


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