10 Tricks to Stop Hiccups


Hiccups always come without any sort of a warning. Oh god! I just can’t do the two most essential things whenever I get a hichki; talk and eat. Hiccups get really irritating if they just don’t stop. It is nothing to worry about though. Given below are the causes of hiccups and few tricks to cure hiccups that you can try at home.

Causes of hiccups

Hiccups are caused by spasms on the diaphragm, which means involuntary contractions of the muscles of diaphragm. It can happen due to over eating, tumors, surgeries, diseases that disturb neurons and signals, strokes and medicines. It can be controlled at home by simply following the home remedies of treating hiccups given below.

Hiccups seemed to be impossible to treat, but it actually isn’t. There are very simple and easy tricks that can stop those hichkis.

1. Cover Your Mouth

Cover your mouth and nose with your hand. Now breathe like you usually do. This will use up all the extra carbon dioxide and thus, stop the involuntary contractions.

2. Eat Sugar

Eat a teaspoon full of sugar if you are too caught up with hiccups. This will distract the signals causing the hiccups and you are good to go. Anything that is sweet can help too.

3. Peanut Butter

Now you have an excuse to eat a few spoons of peanut butter. Just chew it a little and the swallow it. This will interfere will the signals that are causing the hiccups and put them to ease.

4. Honey

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in warm water. Drink this and you will feel better within seconds.

5. Paper Towel

Cover a glass with a paper towel. Drink water through the paper towel. This will take more energy and again cause distraction, which will help stop hiccups.

6. Hyperventilating

Sometimes lack of oxygen can also cause hiccups. Breathing really fast in a paper bag can help you stop hiccups.

7. Drink Water through a Straw

Plug your ears or tell a friend to do it and drink the water through a straw.

8. Tongue Pulled Out

It looks rude and inappropriate in public, but is so far known as the best cure for hiccups. Stick your tongue out and breathe loudly. This will stop the spasms. If this does not work then put a pinch of sugar under your tongue. This will surely work.

9. Think about Something Else

This is the hardest way of all, but it is possible. Tell a friend to change the topic and distract you, so that you stop thinking about it. The more you think about hiccups, the more your brain will send signals that cause hiccups.

10. Lemon

Squeeze a lemon directly into your mouth. Sounds horrible? But it works. Lemon juice will force the nerves to distract and focus on the new taste and your brain will send signals to neutralize the effect and you will soon forget that you ever had hiccups.


If your hiccups last for more than three hours then you need to consult a doctor, because that is not normal. It means there is a serious damage somewhere. Make sure you have tried all of the things mentioned above and also try gargling with ice water before give up on trying to stop these stubborn hiccups.

So, do you know someone who gets hichkis at the wrong time? Share and save them from getting into an awkward situation. Also, share with us how do you treat your hiccups.

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