Traveling: It Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful


Business trip or family vacation, it always pays to be prepared in advance. Think about all the times that you’ve heard stories about vacations gone wrong: someone misplaced their travel documents; someone forgot to pack their medicines; while others may have run into a host of hassles simply because they did not get organized beforehand. If you have experienced similar troubles you will be able to relate to the anxiety and tension that follows after a dream vacation turns into your worst nightmare.
It doesn’t have to be this way though. Your dream trip can still be memorable, for all the right reasons, as long as you allocate some time to planning it out in advance. The following suggestions are just a few key pointers to help kick-start your pre-vacation preparation process. So whip out your To-Do List, add these tips to it, and invest some quality time in planning out the perfect, tension-free trip.

Don’t Pack At The Last Minute

Always finish packing the day before your departure. In addition to being an unnecessary source of stress, last minute packing almost always leads to important things being left behind.

Do Your Research

These days certain items are banned under the rules and regulations specified by the concerned authorities. If such items are spotted in your luggage you may be asked to step out of line, open your suitcase and have the contents examined by security. To save yourself from the added anxiety of such a scenario, do your research beforehand and find out which items fall under the ‘Prohibited/Banned’ category.
You should also do your homework before jet setting off to a foreign country. English is considered to be quite global in its outreach, but not everyone can speak the language. Find out what the language of your destination country is and jot down a few useful words in the local language (such as police, hospital, help, and taxi). If you can find out what the local emergency numbers are (such as for the police and ambulance), keep them handy just in case.

Organize Your Documents

If you travel often and haven’t bought a travel document organizer yet, do so immediately. Document organizers are specially designed to hold your ticket, passport and other important paperwork. If a document organizer is not easily available, a folder with a clasp is also just as good an option. With everything safely stored in one compact place you won’t have to worry about keeping track of where every important travel document is placed in your bag or briefcase.

Comfortable Travel Clothes

Avoid wearing clothes that are difficult to handle or those that make you feel uncomfortable. Your traveling clothes should minimize hassle, not be a source of it. You will probably be required to sit in one place for a significant period of time so keep that in mind when you scan your wardrobe for the perfect travel outfit. When selecting appropriate footwear, think about how much time you will have to spend walking. Remember, your footwear and clothes should improve the journey not complicate it further.

Prioritize Your Health

If you happen to be traveling to a foreign country it is highly likely that the food choices that you are accustomed to will not be available there. Consult family or friends who have visited that country to find out how they coped with the food situation, or turn to the internet for some extra information. You don’t want to be stuck with nothing but McDonalds for the entire duration of the trip; neither do you want to experiment with local food that may compromise your health. Make a list of restaurants that serve the kind of food that you are comfortable consuming. Furthermore, make it a point to carry a hand sanitizer when you are out and about to minimize the risk of catching an infection.

Take Some Time Off

If your trip was planned with the intent of taking a break from work, make sure that you stay true to the objective of the trip. This means that you should make it clear that you will not be entertaining any work related calls during the trip, and usage of technological gadgets (including your cell phone and laptop) will be drastically curtailed.

Are You Ready To Travel?

Your travel anxiety will fade into the background once all these preparations are completed in time. Unexpected developments may still occur on your trip, but with all these arrangements in place you will be better equipped to handle the odd unanticipated event. Traveling is a great experience, one that fuels memories that have the power to last a lifetime. So stay happy, healthy, and make the most of every travel opportunity that comes your way.

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