Sindh Nursing Board’s employees deprived of salary


Sindh Nursing Examination Board’s employees are deprived of their salaries for the last three months reportedly owing to late appointment of administrative official on the post of controller nursing board by provincial health department.
An official of Sindh Nursing Examination Board said about three dozen employees of the board have not received their last three months’ (March, April and May) salary due to unavailability of administrative officer on the post of control nursing board.

Though the health department has now appointed Sarwar Qadri as Controller of Nursing Board, the lingering issue of employees’ salary has not yet been resolved owing to an ongoing tussle between the Nursing Board’s controller and director (Nursing).
The employees of Sindh Nursing Examination Board including IT staff, clerical staff,   peon, watchmen and other staff have been deprived salaries past three months. The staff has been facing great hardship as salaries not paid to them from last three months.
Sindh Nursing Board’s controller, Sarwar Qadri, when contacted, claimed that salary cheques have now been issued to all employees and they may draw salaries any time from their account.

Source: Medical News Pakistan

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