Ladies, Looking for a Way to Unwind? Yoga Is The Answer


Life can be such a hectic and chaotic mess. What with increasing work hours and the ever present pile of home chores, women are often left with little to no time for themselves. You might feel like you have no time to fit in anything extra into your already booked daily schedule, but how about some ‘me time’?
We know, it sounds like a luxury that many women feel they can’t afford. Truth be told, it is more of a necessity than mere extravagance. Isn’t it true that to successfully get through the day you need a focused mind that remains unruffled despite the workload? In fact contentment with your emotional and physical self is also instrumental in helping you sail through the frenzy of the day. To gain this coveted focus and control you need to call time-out and engage in an activity that won’t have you pulling your hair in anguish.

Yoga Is The Answer!

It’s the perfect solution, one that has been tried, tested and approved by scores of people around the world. Behold the wonders of yoga!
Many people perceive yoga to be a mere meditative activity, but it has so much more to offer. Yoga poses are designed to stimulate your mind and body. The exercises improve your physical health, contribute to the alleviation of several health concerns, crank up your energy level, and give you clarity of mind. Yoga fills you with positive energy and helps you unwind. It gives you the time and space you need to simmer down, freshen up, and revitalize your body and mind. The fact that regular yoga helps to tone your physique and up your flexibility level is added encouragement to go for it!
To help you get started we’ve shortlisted three of the best yoga DVDs available so that you can practice yoga in the comfort of your home.

Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh

This DVD is aimed at beginners who have never practiced yoga before, as well as those with little yoga experience. Barbara Benagh is a highly engaging instructor, and she takes great care to showcase the techniques and poses at an easy-to-follow pace. Some of the exercises require physical movements that can go wrong if you don’t have prior yoga experience. To remedy that issue, the DVD features comprehensive tutorials that explain each yoga pose in-depth. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, and this video follows the experts’ advice by offering a 30 minute yoga workout. The duration of the video is perfect because you can slot it into your daily schedule as an early morning energizer, or as a post-work relaxation activity.

Yoga Anywhere: The New York Sessions by Tara Stiles

Who says you need to sign up for special yoga classes to practice yoga? With Tara Stiles’ expert guidance, you can practice yoga in places other than the fitness studio and even your house. While Benagh’s DVD focused on beginners, Stiles’ yoga routines are suitable for people who practice yoga fairly regularly. The duration of the featured yoga routine is 60 minutes, which means that getting the daily dose of yoga will require dedication and planning. What sets this DVD apart from all the rest is its use of different locations in New York to practice yoga. So not only do you get a solid 60 minutes of mind and body strengthening yoga, but you also get a flavor of one of the most happening cities in the world!

Yoga Transformation: Strength and Energy by Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles

In this fantastic DVD, Chopra and Stiles have combined their yoga prowess to help you explore how you can draw strength, self-control and serenity from yoga. The instructors mostly cover intermediate and advanced yoga techniques so it might not be best suited for someone just getting acquainted with yoga. The routine itself is 50 minutes long and quite rigorous, so be prepared accordingly.

One Step Closer to a Happier You…

Chores and other responsibilities have to be dealt with day in and day out, but unless you take some ‘me time’ for yourself, you will be overcome with exhaustion, anxiety and consistent stress. All of these negative emotions coursing through your system make you an easy target for illnesses to prey on. Give yourself a break, you deserve it! And don’t think of it as a waste of time. Once you start practicing yoga regularly you’ll notice that you have more energy in your body, that you can concentrate efficiently, that things don’t perturb you as much as they did before, and that you look and feel better.
Go ahead and purchase a yoga DVD that works for you, and soon you will see what wonders regular yoga practice can do. If you have any health concerns make sure to consult your doctor and get his/her approval before you start practicing yoga.

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