Have You Tried Zumba Yet?


Regardless of whether you have tried out zumba or not, chances are that you may already have heard about this fun, lively exercise fad that has swept across the world like wildfire. Zumba was kick-started by a fitness instructor named Beto Perez and it was actually discovered by accident.

The Story Behind Zumba

Having forgotten the regular aerobics music for his fitness class, Perez improvised a new form of unconventional exercise moves to groovy latin music. His students liked it so much that Perez developed this addictive combination of dance and exercise into a more refined and structured fitness craze called zumba fitness.

It now has a fan following that spans more than 110 countries with classes held in over 90,000 locations. Can’t find a zumba class near you? Perez and his empire have found a solution to that problem too! You can join in the fun through zumba DVDs and several independent videos that are freely available online. Since it’s so much like dance, you can even set up the scene for a regular round of partying by getting more people involved in your zumba fitness routine.

The Basics

As mentioned before, this exercise was created to the rhythm of latin music. This does not mean that it has not expanded to include other genres of music. Due to the global nature of this exercise, trainers all over the world have added their special twist to the traditional zumba music and dance moves. Don’t be surprised if your class has you dancing and exercising to the hottest hits on the charts! This is exactly why fans of this exercise are so loyal. Not only are they able to work towards their fitness goals, but they can do so while having an amazing time.

So here is what you need to know if you’re planning to give this fitness exercise a shot:


Zumba-wear is bright, funky and edgy and reflects the exciting nature of the exercise form itself. However, you can choose to wear whatever workout wear is most comfortable for you because ease of movement is highly important. Make sure that the fabric is breathable to prevent perspiration build-up. Your footwear can range from running shoes, aerobic shoes or cross-trainers. Your shoes should be comfortable and should have strong adhesive friction to prevent any slipping and sliding on the floor.

Class Structure

A typical zumba class will start off with a warm-up, build up the energy with fast-paced movements and catchy music to match, and then taper off into a cool-down to give your body time to relax after the workout. The entire workout will be peppered with varying levels of movement and energy requirements to ensure that the body gets a well-rounded workout.

The structure will also vary depending upon your the level of exercise you are on. The movements and pace for zumba beginners will be quite different from that followed by the advanced classes.

Don’t Be Shy

Many of us are self-conscious about our natural dancing abilities and may feel shy about letting go on the zumba floor. Remember, everyone is there to have fun! No one is a pro, except the trainer of course. Keeping up with the trainer will be hard for the first few classes but soon your confidence level, your ability to pick up steps, and your body movements too will improve immensely. Every instructor will tell you that the point of zumba is to have fun while working on your fitness. So have fun and don’t be afraid to laugh, move to the beat and have an amazing time. By the end of your class, you will definitely be a fan!

Picking The Right Exercise Form

There are many different variations of this exercise, catering people of all ages and health levels. There is zumba for kids, for the elderly, aqua zumba, zumba toning and a plethora of other forms. Consult the trainer for feedback on the class best suited to your fitness needs and he/she will be able to guide you. This fun fitness fad will breathe new life into your exercise routine; give it a chance and join the zumba party.

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