Haram meat and pork being sold in Punjab

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Punjab Food Authority has seized large quantities of suspicious meat after receiving reports that the haram meat of pork was being supplied to consumers and other butchers alike.

In the ongoing crackdown against unhygienic food establishments and suppliers of raw products, a supplier of pork (pig) meat has been arrested. According to Director General PFA Ayesha Mumtaz,

“PFA officials carried out a raid near the Lahore Railway Station.”

The suspect was allegedly involved in supplying ‘suspicious’ meat to food establishments in the surrounding areas of Lahore from Rawalpindi.

She said that they had been receiving reports that haram meat and meat from dead animals were being supplied to food joints in surrounding areas.

The meat has been sent for DNA testing to a laboratory and DG PFA will reveal the results to the public and media as soon as they are finalized.

During these past few months, PFA has been positively scrutinizing and cracking down on unhygienic food being sold throughout the province. Lahore restaurateurs have been inspected the most, with outlets in all areas of the city being examined.

While places inhabited by middle and low-income classes are examined, restaurants in ‘posh’ areas are not ignored and are also being targeted. Inspection teams of the authority are monitoring fast food outlets, roadside food stalls, bakeries, dhabas and loose milk suppliers.