Foods For Healthy Weight Gain


Illnesses, malnutrition, or poor dietary habits can cause weight loss. Falling below the healthy weight range for your age and height can have several detrimental effects on the functioning of your body. Without adequate nutrition, your organs will not receive enough energy or fuel to carry out their routine tasks. This will result in consistent lethargy, vitamin deficiencies along with a host of side-effects, poor teeth and bone health, dull skin and hair, and unhealthy nails, among other health concerns. If you are on the lookout for the best foods to facilitate your weight gain goals, the list provided below will help you in climbing your way up to a healthy weight range.


Avocado is a well-loved superfood that has made a name for itself due to its rich nutritional content. While it is loaded with all sorts of beneficial compounds, those prone to gaining weight easily are advised to exercise portion control when consuming avocados. However, if you’re looking to put on a few pounds, avocados should do the trick well. The fruit is loaded with up to twice the potassium content of a banana, brimming with 10 grams of fiber, packed with more than 20 vitamins and minerals, laden with heart-healthy fats, and a dense calorie content. With all of these plus points, you will not only gain weight in a healthy way, but will also prevent cancer and diabetes, lower your cholesterol levels, and improve skin health.


Nuts are often recommended as a healthy way to curb mid-day cravings. However, for those hoping to maintain or lose weight, it always recommended that these delicious bite-sized treats be consumed keeping strict portion control in mind. 1 ounce of nuts contains an estimated 135 calories. Individuals looking for ways to gain weight can be a little generous with their portion sizes.

Protein/Energy Bars:

Energy bars may not be the healthiest option around, but they sure are packed with fats and sugars. While they may provide a faster route to achieving weight gain, be mindful that they should only be consumed when you have no other healthy foods to turn to such as when you are traveling or pressed for time. Opt for energy bar brands that contain less fat and sugar content.

Real-Nut Butters:

This variety includes options such as peanut butter, which offers a healthy way to gain additional kilos. Opt for the most true-to-form varieties to prevent excessive intake of fats and sugars. One spoon of peanut butter can supply up to 100 calories, 4 grams of protein, vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B3, and minerals including magnesium and folate. For a nutritious snack, pair peanut butter with whole-grain bread and fruits.

Whole Fat Milk:

The popular fad promotes the consumption of skimmed milk, but switch to whole fat milk and you can add on 60 calories to your daily calorie intake. The additional fat content provides extra vitamins and minerals, enabling greater nutrient quantities to be supplied your body.


One banana is loaded with up to 105 calories, in addition to a rich potassium store and carbohydrate content. Not only will it help you work your way towards weight gain, but it will also help you to replenish your energy levels after a tiring day or strenuous workout.

The Takeaway

While all of the aforementioned foods are backed by research and expert endorsements, remember that every individual has different health concerns and bodily needs. Consult your doctor before making any dietary modifications. Some foods may not suit you as well as they suit other people, so be cautious before you draft out a dietary plan for yourself. Regular exercise is also recommended to facilitate the weight gaining process. Your health should always be your top priority. So take care and make a conscious effort to make healthy food choices.

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