Eat More to Shed That Extra Weight


Almost everyone you consult will advise you to eat less if weight loss is on your agenda. The rationale is usually along the lines of the following: if you eat less your body can work on burning off existing body fat instead of becoming caught up in the breakdown of new food.
As health experts continued to research on ways to lose weight effectively, they stumbled on the following discovery: smaller meals spaced out throughout the day are an improved method of getting rid of excess body fat. The conventional dietary plan of three big meals per day is being discouraged in the favor of a new dietary schedule. According to health gurus, having 6 portion-controlled wholesome meals per day works exceptionally well to eliminate cravings and binge eating.

The Surprising Effects of Eating Less

The question is, is this new mantra of ‘Eat more to lose more’ aligned with the body’s biological and chemical processes? How and why has this new plan yielded better results than the old way of eating less to lose more weight? Let’s find out what health experts have to say in response to these questions.
According to experts, fat cells in your body secrete an important hormone called leptin. It just so happens that your body is quite sensitive to the amount of leptin in circulation. When you eat less, your body turns to existing body fat to fulfill its energy needs. As more fat cells are used up, less leptin is secreted into the bloodstream. Your brain, sensing this drop, responds by increasing your hunger pangs and decreasing your metabolic rate (the process of energy generation).

The Vicious Cycle

A decrease in metabolism leads to low energy levels, making it very difficult for your body to carry out its routine functions as well as support your regular physical activity. As mentioned above, metabolism is the process through which energy is generated for your body. When you add exercise to the mix, your energy deprived body has no choice but to cause intense hunger pangs. It is not difficult to imagine what happens next. Chances are that you will give in to your cravings and eat sugar-rich, unhealthy foods to satisfy your body.
If you keep up with this unsustainable plan of losing weight your efforts will not give you satisfactory results. So how can you eat more to lose more? Let’s find out.

How to Make the Right Food Choices

Your 6 mini meals of the day should be nutritious, fiber-rich and high on protein. Health experts strongly recommend the following tips for healthy eating:

  1. Protein rich foods leave you feeling full for longer periods of time. Good sources of protein include seafood, low-fat dairy products (cheese and milk), boiled eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, and lentils (daal).
  2. Fiber rich foods regulate your digestive system and like proteins, leave you feeling full. Good sources of fiber include fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain products, and beans.
  3. Avoid processed foods and refined products. These products are devoid of any natural goodness and contain unhealthy proportions of trans-fat and saturated fats. To find out more about good and bad fats, click here: Not All Fats Are Bad for You. Eat food products that contain healthy fats such as vegetable oils, nuts and oily fish.

For more information on how to structure your meals in a wholesome and nutritious way, refer to Do You Know How to Prepare a Healthy Plate of Food?

Revamp Your Weight-Loss Plans

Starving yourself is never the solution to losing weight effectively and sustainably. Health experts say that the best diets are those that you can stick to for your whole life. With the right diet, your workouts will also give you improved results. For the best exercise snacks, go ahead and click on the following: What Should You Eat before and after a Workout
If you ever feel drawn to the idea of eating less, remind yourself about leptin and how your body will react to a lack of it. Remember that your weight loss efforts should never leave you feeling miserable and consistently hungry. If such is the case then you need to make some speedy alterations to your weight loss plan.

Have you tried eating more to lose more? Go ahead and share your experiences with the HTV community! As always, stay fit, stay happy and never compromise on your health.
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