Do You Want Voluminous and Bouncy Hair?


If the answer to the question above is ‘yes’, then we have the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is keep your body, mind and soul in harmony. The truth is, there are several hair-care products that promise to give you voluminous and bouncy hair, but they offer a temporary solution and one that comes at a high price. Research has established that the health of your hair is affected by genetic factors, stress, hormonal imbalance, drugs and dietary deficiencies.  These factors can cause hair thinning and hair loss over the years

To get naturally healthy and bouncy hair, give these eight natural tips a shot.

Seafood Will Do the Trick

Sardine, trout, salmon, pitcher and kipper are freshwater fish that contain an excellent store of protein and iron. They also contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3. These compounds are brilliant for hair growth and hair strengthening. Selenium is another important compound that contributes to healthy hair growth. To obtain selenium, be sure to include shellfish in your weekly diet plan.

A Sprinkling of Seeds

A pinch of black sesame seeds on your daily meals will do your hair more good than you can imagine. These miniscule gems are known for their ability to stimulate hair growth from the root. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also contain compounds that naturally stimulate hair growth.

Good old Broccoli, Spinach and Sprouts

Did you know that these dark green veggies are an excellent source of Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium? These nutrients are vital for the production of essential hair oils which improve the natural shine and elasticity of your hair.

The Power of Eggs

Research has uncovered that egg yolk is a rich source of biotin (vitamin B7). Biotin helps to increase hair thickness and prevents hair fall.

There’s More to Beans Than You Think

The key towards achieving that perfectly thick ponytail or braid is to eat beans or legumes. These natural foods contain Vitamin B7, Vitamin B12 and Iron which help to protect the hair follicles and reduce hair fall.

How About a Handful of Walnuts?

Studies indicate that zinc deficiencies result in hair loss and hair thinning. Walnuts are one of the best sources of zinc. Walnuts also contain fatty acids which are essential for hair growth.

Spice It Up!

Turmeric, an Asian spice, is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It not only stimulates hair growth, but also helps to protect hair follicles from aging and dying.

De-stress your Life

The harmful effects of stress on your mind and body are undeniable. Research suggests that stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and gastrointestinal infections. Hair fall and premature thinning of hair also takes a turn for the worst when there is consistent stress in your life.

For the sake of your overall health, including that of your hair of course, you need to bring this constant anxiety and tension under control. Exercise for 30 minutes every day, meditate, delegate your work, cut down on the responsibilities that you handle, and learn to take a deep breath and pause whenever it seems like the stress is getting out of control.

Take the First Step towards Healthy Hair

While these tips may take a little more time to show results than artificial hair products, the effects are long lasting and purely natural. So let turmeric be your favorite Asian spice for a while, snack on a handful of walnuts, add a pinch of sesame seeds on whatever you eat, and indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember, with these natural tips not only your hair but your entire body will feel healthy, strong and energized!

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