Wedding: Beat and Avoid Stress in the Coming Months


Stress is a common factor among brides-to-be due to all the preparations and running around for the big day. Want to beat the pre-wedding stress? Here are some tips and ways you can beat stress in the coming months.

Delegate More Tasks and Get Organized

Learning to manage stress involves knowing what you’re capable of handling. Think critically about all the tasks you have on your plate, including your daily responsibilities (work, chores, etc.) and delegate certain tasks to your friends and family. Your role in the wedding is to be the bride?not the caterer, the florist, or the. Interview vendors carefully and once you’ve hired them, let them do their job. Communicate clearly via phone and keep records of your arrangements, but trust that they will deliver what you’re paying them for without micromanaging. Even if you’re the type who’s never made a list in your life, now is the time to change that. There will be hundreds of details to pin down, and trying to keep track of them all will seriously unease your nerves.

Make Time for Touch Therapy

Touch therapy, or actively being touched, can help lower stress. This touch therapy can be in the form of a hug, a foot rub, or a massage and it can activate the body’s relaxation response and reduce the levels of stress-causing hormones.

Practice Yoga

Working to create unity of the mind and body, yoga improves energy through practiced, proper breathing and movements. Breathing mixed with yoga poses can help direct more oxygen to the body’s vital organs, relieving tension, sharpening concentration, and decreasing stress.

Explore Acupuncture

Acupuncture is known for its stress-relieving effects — it can lower blood pressure, increase energy, and therefore decrease stress. An acupuncturist determines the areas of the body with the most tension and applies acupuncture to those spots.

Eat Right

The right foods can aid in lowering stress. Recommended stress-busting foods include whole grains and any red, green, or orange vegetables. Not eating on your wedding day is the worst thing you can do for your nerves. It’s natural to be focused on how you’re going to look in your wedding dress, but you need to have good nutrition. As soon as you wake up, have a reasonable breakfast with protein and some carbs. Continue consuming small meals and snacks throughout the day and into the reception. Having a nourished, well-tuned body will help your psyche follow suit.

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Many stressed brides schedule “relaxing” activities that are out of their usual routines. Do whatever relaxes you in normal circumstances – whether it’s meditating, getting a massage, or hanging out with your best friend. But if you’re not the person who’s into yoga, the day before the wedding isn’t the time for some exhausting yoga class.

Designate a Wedding-Day Contact

Give someone the authority to make last-minute decisions and enable you to avoid any chaotic situations. Pick someone who you trust completely and empower them to make decisions in your place, whether it’s a problem with the caterer or something goes wrong with the venue.

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