Are You Tired Most of the Time? These Bad Habits Could be Energy Expensing


Aside from lack of sleep, fatigue and tiredness is caused by little things that you do (or don’t do). They can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through the day stressful. Here are some common bad habits that might be causing your constant fatigue and ways you can combat it.

You Don’t Exercise

Exercise and working out increases your energy, especially when you are tired. It helps make your cardiovascular system run more efficiently, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. In a study that was conducted, adults who began light excersies three days a week for minimum of 20 minutes reported feeling less fatigue and more energized after a few weeks. So the next time you are feeling tired, go for a walk or perform the 7 minute exercise routine.

You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Being dehydrated also lowers your energy levels. Studies have been completed that concluded dehydration lowers energy levels, causes fatigue and even lowers concentration levels. Dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume and this makes the blood thicker. This makes your heart to pump blood less efficiently, reducing the speed at which oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles and organs. The old adage that says drinking 8 glasses of water is not a myth and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day.

You’re Iron Intake is Not Sufficient Enough

Iron deficiency can make you feel lethargic, irritable, weak and unable to focus. Iron is needed to transport oxygen through red blood cells to muscles, tissues and other cells. If there is not enough iron, less oxygen reaches organs and tissues, causing overall fatigue. Pregnant females are more at risk for iron deficiency. Consume lean beef (only if you are iron deficient and do not have cholesterol issues), kidney beans, eggs (including the yolk), dark leafy green vegetables and nuts. Consume these foods with foods that are high in vitamin C, because vitamin C improves iron absorption. Iron deficiency can be caused by an underlying health problem, so consult your doctor in addition to boosting iron levels naturally.

You’re Too Perfect

Perfection in work or any other type of activity can sometimes be good. However, most of the time is damaging to your energy levels. It makes you work harder and longer than necessary. You might set goals that are unrealistic, that are difficult to achieve or the steps to achieve the goal might be taking up too much of your time. Sometimes the extra time that you are taking doesn’t actually improve your work, so you should limit yourself on your projects.

You Have Too Much Anxiety

Fear of getting fired, meeting someone you don’t want to meet or going somewhere you don’t want to go causes anxiety. This causes further stress and depletes your mental energy levels. Reduce your anxiety and stress levels naturally, such as exercising, meditating, going for a walk around the park, or doing something you enjoy.

You’re Skipping Out on Breakfast

Food fuels your body, and continues to pump your blood allow oxygen to efficiently flow when you are sleeping. Breakfast fuels your body for the day ahead. If you skip it, you will more than likely feel tired. Consume a breakfast that includes whole grain, lean proteins and healthy fat. Good examples are two boiled egg whites with two slices of wheat-toast and low-fat Greek yoghurt, smoothie with fruits and low-fat milk, and oatmeal.

You Consume Too Much Junk Food

Sugar and simple carbs are high on the glycemic index. Being high on this index means that carbohydrates increase blood sugar quickly. Constant blood sugar spikes followed by sharp drops cause fatigue over a few days. Stabilize your blood sugar levels by consuming lean protein with whole grain at every meal. Good examples are baked or grilled chicken and brown rice, salmon fish and sweet potato or salad with chicken and fruit.

You Say “Yes” Too Often

Working hard to get that promotion or raise, or to please your boss is ok. However, working too much and always saying “yes” to more and more work can kill your energy as well as your happiness. Try to say “no” more often if you feel like you are getting worked too much.

Your Room, House or Office is Too Messy

A disorganized and cluttered environment can also take a toll on your energy levels. It can mentally exhaust you by restricting your ability to focus and limit’s your brain’s ability to process information. Clean your room, organize your office desk and your mind will thank you.

You Work, Even on Vacation

If you’re taking time off from work, then you shouldn’t be doing any work related stuff nor should you be checking your work emails. Vacation is just that, time off to give your physical and mental energy levels back in check.

You’re On Your Laptop or Smartphone at Night in Bed

Laptops and smartphones have backlights that contain a certain color wavelength called blue light. This blue light disturbs a hormone called melatonin that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. If you need to be on your laptop or smartphone there are apps that can decrease this blue light.

You Drink Too Much Caffeine to get Through the Day

Drinking coffee in the morning is ok, and science says coffee can even be beneficial for you, as long as it is in moderation. Moderation means only 1-3 cups of coffee a day. Anything more and it can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is needed to help you sleep as it accumulates in your body. If you drink too much caffeine throughout the day, try to restrict yourself to 2 cups of coffee a day.

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