Are Eggs Healthy?


An egg a day is extremely good for your health, because, they are an excellent source of protein, are rich in retinol, vitamin B, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. They are important for our immune system and help shake away diseases too.

The Pros

Yes, they are good because;

  • They are rich in vitamins,
  • Are known for their protein content,
  • Contain iron and calcium
  • Are a good source of phosphorus and potassium too
  • Have low fats, high proteins, and are great for athletes

The Cons

Too much of a good thing isn’t good either, so, they are bad because;

  • The yolk contains 60 calories while the white contains just 15
  • It contains fat too, it’s the fattiest part of the egg
  • It isn’t that good for people suffering from cholesterol
  • Some studies have shown, in some cases heart disease might be triggered due to eggs

Then there is the question of hard boiled eggs, there are health risks though;

  • They are known to increase cholesterol levels, sadly. If you are suffering from high cholesterol, hard boiled eggs are a no-no.
  • There is the risk of foodborne sickness, causing diarrhea, damage blood vessels or stomach pain.
  • A higher consumption of hard boiled eggs may even cause heart failure.

What else do we need to know

There’s mixed opinion about the fact that whole eggs will raise cholesterol levels, but if we reduce that, it will reduce the cholesterol level, and cholesterol is useful to us since it helps produce certain hormones, the production of vitamin D; in the presence of sunlight.

“Eggs are an animal product, and they do contain cholesterol,” Lisa Cimperman, a registered dietician for UH Case Medical Center, told  “But actually, cholesterol in foods doesn’t affect our blood cholesterol as much as saturated fat does. Cholesterol in food, in general you do want to avoid, but it’s not necessarily the main culprit of high cholesterol.”

Laura Cipullo a registered dietician in New York City, told “You want the fat, because it not only satiates you, but also slows the absorption of your food. So you stay fuller longer, and it won’t increase blood sugar.  A lot of people have toast with just egg whites, but it’s giving them a quicker rise in their blood sugar. But if you have the yolk with it or a different form of fat like avocado, your blood sugar won’t rise as quickly, because it takes longer to break (the food) down.

What to do

Should we stay away from eggs altogether and ignore their benefits? Well, you don’t have to, that’s the good news. Keeping things in moderation is the best policy. Eggs are great but they have a dark side too, meaning they are high in cholesterol and if consumed more than the recommended amount, they can contribute towards heart disease. Most of all, know how much protein you need according to your weight, and your lifestyle. If you are too concerned about the Yolk, just go for the egg white. For those who fear cholesterol, they shouldn’t unless they don’t eat too many eggs in one sitting. For them, one egg a day should be sufficient.

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