An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


Your parents were onto something when they advised you to eat an apple a day. This delectable fruit is a treasure trove of nutritional goodness, all of which can be obtained by including apples in your daily diet plan. There are many ways to incorporate apples into your regular dietary schedule. All you have to do is experiment a little in the kitchen; the results may leave you pleasantly surprised.
However, before you think of ways to include this super fruit into your next meal, take a look at the health benefits that it has on offer.

To Keep Your Weight in Check

With a calorie count of only 95 calories per apple (medium sized), this fruit is the ideal addition to your healthy diet plan. Not only does it offer several vitamins and minerals that ensure the smooth functioning of your system, but it also serves as a filling snack. As a high fiber food, apples have what it takes to pacify your cravings for high calorie snacks. Dietary fiber is responsible for stimulating feelings of satiation in the body, thus preventing overeating.

For a Strong and Healthy Heart

Rich in phenolic compounds, anti-oxidants, and soluble fiber, apples are a powerful antidote to inflammation and cholesterol build-up. Both inflammation and high cholesterol increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Anti-oxidants are also responsible for neutralizing or diminishing the effects of harmful free radicals within the body. Free radicals, if allowed to persist, can make the body vulnerable to several diseases and illnesses. To learn more about anti-oxidants and free radical functioning, read: The Real Deal on Anti-oxidants

For Smooth Digestive Functioning

Dietary fiber is essential for the smooth functioning of the digestive system. It provides the bulk of the matter required to facilitate and ease the process of digestion. Due to its dietary fiber content, this fruit can also be used as a remedy for constipation and diarrhea.

Keep Your Immunity Strong

Equipped with the powerful duo of Vitamin C and the antioxidant quercetin, an apple a day has what it takes to fortify and strengthen the natural defense mechanism of your body. Several factors can weaken the immune system, including stress and infectious diseases. These compounds ensure that the system is reinforced enough to neutralize the negative impacts of these damaging factors.

For That Extra Dose of Energy

Several research studies have concluded that apples are an excellent option for those looking for a natural energizer. Forget energy drinks and caffeine, apples can be your new go-to pick me up! Apples revitalize the dwindling energy stores of your body, enabling you to carry on exercising for longer periods of time. In fact, if you’re considering an all-nighter, opt for an apple instead of the regular cup of coffee. Not only will you supply your body with a wealth of nutritional benefits, but you will also feel mentally alert and focused.

Stock Up On Those Apples!

This versatile fruit can be eaten fresh, added to salads for that extra crunch and flavor, included as a sideline in your lunch and dinner meals (for instance in the form of apple chutnies), or incorporated into mouth-watering desserts such as apple pies, apple strudels and apple crumble. This fruit is truly a nutritional powerhouse in its own right, so make a conscious effort to have an apple a day for better health and a stronger body.

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