6 Reasons To Quit Smoking


‘Smoking is injurious for health’ is a statement that is mentioned on all cigarette packs. However, it does little to deter chain-smokers, or those who want to try smoking for the thrill or social aspect. Exposure to the toxic pollutants and chemicals in cigarette smoke wreaks havoc on the healthy and natural functioning of the body. The risk of developing fatal illnesses increases as the exposure to these poisonous chemicals becomes ever more potent. If you’re thinking of quitting once and for all, and need a little push in the right direction, these reasons are just the thing to help you out.

Dulling of the senses

The toxicity of the fumes and chemicals affects the senses quite negatively.  Both the sense of smell and taste are compromised. The change is quite gradual and subtle; so many smokers fail to notice the difference until they have been smoking for a while. The good news is that once a smoker quits, the sharpness of smell and taste are gradually restored to their initial vitality.

Early aging

One of the most evident signs of excessive smoking is premature aging. The chemicals limit the blood supply to the living skin tissue, which speeds up the process of aging.  Those who have been smoking for a considerable proportion of their lives often have wrinkles around their mouths, skin with decreased elasticity, and stains on their skin from exposure to tar and other harmful chemicals.


The chemicals in cigarette smoke increase the chances of impotence in men drastically. According to medical experts, the damage to the natural dilation of the blood vessels plays a great role in decreasing the sexual potency in males.

Lower Immunity

The human body has several different defense mechanisms specially developed to ward off viral and bacterial infections and diseases. The cilia for instance, which line the respiratory tract, is a key player in preventing germs and infections from gaining access to the internal system. For smokers, these cilia are often paralyzed because of the harmful effects of the chemicals in cigarette smoke. Unable to function as they normally would, cilia are unable to protect the human body from the attacks of multiple bacterial infections and viral diseases.

Reduced Stamina

Exposure to the toxicity of cigarettes smoke forces the lungs and heart muscle to work harder to do simple physical activities. What starts off as difficulty while playing sports or running in a race, soon accelerates to making easy activities like climbing stairs or walking in the garden, a major hurdle. Smokers gradually become unable to move around as easily as non-smokers of the same age. This can lead to lack of physical activity which in turn leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and chances of becoming overweight or obese.

A Danger To Those Around You

Secondhand smoke is terribly potent. With an estimated 4500 chemicals in one puff of smoke, passive smokers are exposed to an estimated 40 different carcinogens every second. For those who are genetically or naturally at-risk for diseases such as heart attacks, this level of exposure can be lethal.

Take The First Step

Yes, the journey from being a smoker to leaving this bad habit completely will be tough. There will be times when you want to stop trying and just go back to the way things were. At times like these, keep these 6 reasons in mind and stay strong. All you need is willpower and the understanding that you will be a healthier and happier person once your system is purified of all the chemicals and toxins of cigarette smoke.

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