5 Asian Scientists Claim To Have Invented Anti-Dengue Vaccination


These scientists, after carrying out various tests, have claimed that they have created an anti-dengue vaccine. They stated that out of all those who were given the vaccine, 56% were declared completely immune to dengue. 6000 children between the ages of 2 and 14 years, and hailing from different Asian countries, were administered the vaccine. 2 years after receiving the vaccine they were tested and it was established that for 56% of the children the vaccine had worked. They also stated that the vaccine worked best for those children who had been affected by dengue before. However experts from around the world have said that the test results should be taken after a period of 5 years and that there is still room for improvement. Every year at least 10 lakh people suffer from dengue and up until this moment there has been no preventative measure for dengue.

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