To Go Or Not To Go: Restaurants For Valentine’s Day Dinner

Have you made your reservations yet?


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so if you need to make preparations, do them now. Especially in terms of the restaurant department. If you have a favorite restaurant, make your reservations, because they book out fast for V-Day. To help you out though, we have put together a list of restaurants that are over-rated, underrated and stereotypically good.

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Restaurants to skip


Don’t get me wrong. Thyme is a good addition to the food scene in Karachi. However, the inconsistency of quality food is something that you do not want to risk on Valentine’s Day. I still look back on my first visit to the place and it breaks my heart thinking about the dry bread, the almost congealed ravioli sauce and an extremely underwhelming surf n turf. One can’t simply dine on blow-torch shrimp and dessert.

Jason’s Steakhouse

Once upon a time, a good steak was synonymous with Jason’s steakhouse. Unfortunately, there is no happily ever after in this story. The steak is average at best, and the price point is just not justifiable. Definitely skip this; Valentine’s or otherwise.

Café Aylanto

It may be a go-to restaurant choice for many, and that’s probably why you should skip it for Valentine’s. It has become, undoubtedly, too commercialized a space to maintain an exclusive, intimate feel.

Côte Rotie

Sure, the rib-eye is great. And yes, the Alliance Francaise is a cozy, romantic spot. But no, we don’t want our Coq Au Vin tasting like, and I quote “Chicken qorma, and not a very good one at that”. If you do decide to go, stick to the safe choices to avoid disappointment. And have the cheesecake.

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Stereotypical restaurants for Valentine’s (always good)


But, of course. Okra is almost holy in Karachi. Good luck getting reservations!


Blue cheese soufflé, spinach manicotti, bread and butter pudding; so perfect, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve had it.

Café Flo

The mere name of the restaurant exudes fanciness. Get a table outdoors, and enjoy a romantic evening with great food.


Sakura, Oh Sakura. The best sushi in town. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to splurge, especially if you and your partner are fans of Japanese food.

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Under-rated restaurants that are actually great

The East End

We love the concept behind the east end, but luckily they don’t bank on just that. The East End backs up their 5-course eastern-gourmet meal idea with excellent food and service. A suggestion: you may want to avoid the masala crabs for Valentine’s night, not exactly pretty to eat.


Consistent. Great Thai food (dare I say, the best in the city?). Lovely ambiance. Free rice. Note to self: Let’s not be cheap this night.

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The Patio

Even though the Patio has been around for quite some time, it maintains an elusive presence of sorts. Not too crowded, perfect light setting, and impressive food. It’s a winner for date night.


Loco is perhaps not under-rated as such. It doesn’t exactly fall into our stereotypically good restaurants list, it hasn’t been around long enough. But for now, it finds a comfortable place here. And deserves a nod for introducing a different cuisine that we’re all loving.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Unless you’re un-celebrating Valentine’s Day. Hmm.

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