Must Have Classic Desserts From Home Bakers

For your ultimate cheat meal, try one of these absolute classic desserts


In Karachi, there’s no shortage of home-based bakers. While we have a few staples when it comes to cakes, fondant or otherwise, this list focuses on the most popular and classic desserts from some of the best home bakers

It isn’t a small task to make it to a Classics list. There is a lot of hard work, perseverance and a touch of magic that goes into these desserts. So, thank you to the dessert maestros that have made our lives so sweet.

Auntie Munawer- 3 Milk Cake

photo: facebook/auntie munawer

Auntie Munawer is now a household name and even though her menu has some delicious offerings, the three milk cake she makes is unparalleled.


Reema- Chocolate Lava Cake

photo: facebook/ reema’s chocolate gateau cake

One of the first to enter the home baker’s scene, Reema makes an orgasmic chocolate lava cake. Just return her tin plates please.


The Saucy Mistress- Naughty Saucy

photo: facebook/the saucy mistress

It was difficult to pick one of these iconic ‘desserts in a jar’ since all of them are so.damn.good. The Naughty Saucy is the most popular, and the best-selling, dessert in the Mistress’ menu.

Not convinced to cheat? Try these healthy desserts that won’t leave you feeling too guilty.

Shama- Chocolate Malt Cake

photo: facebook/shama’s bakery

Shama Askari’s signature chocolate cake is the epitome of classic desserts in Karachi. No questions asked, hand me a fork, Delicious with a capital D.


The Poached Pear- Pavlova

photo: the poached pear

Actually just go ahead and order the weekend variety box, you will not regret it. The poached pear has managed to make pavlova a popular dessert option- it is no easy feat to introduce new flavors to people who are quite set with their chocolate-y options. A bite of their lemon curd pavlova with fresh fruit is enough to excite the keenest of chocolate lovers.


Zoya marri- Banana Bread

photo: facebook/zoya marri

It sounds simple enough to get right, but great banana bread is actually a rare find. You can try all you want, but trust us, you will not find a better banana bread anywhere else in Karachi.


Rania’s Sweet Eats- Bite-sized Treats

photo: facebook/sweet eats

Mini cupcakes from Sweet Eats should be mandatory at all birthday parties. They are no fuss, clean, cute and delicious.

From the Kitchen of Fatemah Rawji- Black Magic Cake/ Tiramisu

photo: facebook/ from the kitchen of fatemah rawji

It is difficult to narrow down one choice as a classic when it comes to Fatemah Rawji’s kitchen. So we’ve split it into personal favorite, Tiramisu and crowd-pleaser classic, black magic cake.

A quick, honorable mention goes to Bilal Khan from Petit Four.
photo: facebook/petitfour

We are not including him in this list as he has very recently opened up shop. But we will say that his Coffee Ice-cream Cake is nothing short of a classic.

How many desserts have you tried from this list?

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