Today’s Horoscope 6th August 2021



Aries (March 20 – April 18)

You are not raising few issues because you do not want to hurt anyone but now you cannot afford to avoid the situation anymore. In simple words, you have to say what needs to be said.

Taurus (April 19 – May 19)

This week has been somewhat unsettling. However, these turns and twists are actually a good opportunity for you to have new experiences and learning.

Gemini (May 20 – June 20)

You have motivation and confidence in your personality that often helps you achieve your goals. However, situation right now is difficult to manage. It does not mean that it is out of your control. “Move ahead one step at a time” is the plan you need to follow.

Cancer (June 21 – July 21)

Your emotions are high today and it’s becoming difficult for you to control them. However you need to handle things practically, not emotionally.

Leo (July 22 – Aug 21)

You are going through a difficult time right now. These events are reminding you of some past issues. This unsettling situation would not last forever. You’ll soon wake up to a happy morning.

Virgo (Aug 22 – Sep 21)

You are stuck in various issues. Now, you need to prioritize your work. Evaluate which task is urgent and do it immediately. The problems that are less pressing can be handled later.

Libra (Sept 22 – Oct 22)

Turn ideas into action as soon as possible. However, you need to fight this urge because this is not the right time.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Someone is not ready to accept what is wrong. Rather than trying to pick holes, just discuss your stance briefly and then withdraw. It is enough to tell the person that you have nothing more to say.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 20)

This is the ideal time to discuss money issues. Take your partner into confidence. You both have to work together to resolve the prevailing issues.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 18)

Whatever you are going through right now is an experience. You won’t regret this time; rather it would help you to build a better future for yourself.

Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 17)

You have given some amazing suggestions but people are not impressed. Do not be disappointed. Work on news ideas. This time you’ll achieve the target.

Pisces (Feb 18 – March 19)

You like to take part in debate with people who do not agree with you. This is the way you get a chance to see your ideologies in a new light. But do not get into this if the person with whom you are debating is unknown.

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