Today’s Horoscope 29th September 2021



It feels nice to be wanted sometimes and Aries, you’re in luck because today would remind you of your importance in someone’s life. You’re surrounded by a loving group of people who want to help you as much as you’ve helped them. You should sit back and let others supply you with blessings. Allow yourself to receive them.


You’ll be busier than ever, Taurus. You’re in a state of renewal that will set you on the path to new adventures and new connections. However, the most vital connection of all is the one you have with yourself so make sure to work on that. Check in with your feelings and pause for reflection. It’ll help


New opportunities await you, Gemini. You’ll be committed to a new phase in your life—home? job?—that requires more stability. Honor your intentions and buckle down. You got this!


It’s time to focus on professional goals, Cancer. It may feel scary, but you’ve known this time was coming. Great discomfort often brings great rewards. Believe you have everything you need to get ahead in life—because you do! P.S. It’s okay to text Mom for support, though.


You’re feeling a sense of renewal now, Leo. Channel this energy productively by tackling your to-do list with newfound purpose, and then get out there and do what you do best—mingle! You never know who you might meet.


You’re a go-getter and should not lose your focus, Virgo. You’re definitely in your element this week, but how can you push yourself further and deeper? What can you let go of? perfectionism? self-criticism? Time to question yourself!


It’s your birthday season, so the energy is high around you, Libra. You’ll find it easy connecting with others, and your charming personality will shine through. While your instinct would be to move things quickly with a new contact, taking a slower approach will be more productive.


You’re in desperate need of some closure this week, Scorpio. Whether it’s something job-related or a relationship, you’re seeking validation. However, closure is something that we give to ourselves, so you must work on it. Understanding your own self-worth is key to letting go!


You’re trying to balance it all, Saggitarius! You want the luxuries of life but you also want security and stability. You can enjoy both—you just have to give up existing mental blocks. Get out of your own way and don’t limit yourself.


You’re feeling more sociable than ever, Capricorn! However, like a true Sea Goat, it’s not all fun and games, you’re wondering how you can do something productive for the community. Accepting that you’re enough as you are—and people love you as is—is one of your biggest lessons.


Today is about soul searching for you! You’re finally feeling like yourself and have a better understanding of your purpose in this world. Continue to spread your wings and fly high, friend. Don’t second-guess yourself and work on your goals!


You’ll be relying on your social circle and relationships more than yourself, Pisces. While support and trust from others is important also but so is being able to rely on yourself. You are stronger than you realize. It’s okay to work on things alone. You can do this.

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