6 Innovative Toast Recipes To Help You Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On A Budget!


In this day and age, everyone knows that taking better care of yourself will only lead to more productivity and efficiency. Don’t wait till next year to start planning a healthier lifestyle. It’s very easy to put off healthy eating. Don’t let anything become an excuse for yourself

Remember taking time to reevaluate our lifestyle choices is part of life! Although it’s hard to get out of a convenient but unhealthy lifestyle, know that it can be damaging in the long run. Whereas a healthy lifestyle can give you more energy, boost your motivation level and increase your over-all efficiency.

But like they say, staying healthy comes at a price…and quite literally too! Staying healthy is expensive. Especially if you are living on a budget. Also, the same old daal, which might be high in protein can get sooo boring with the same old taste *yawn*. Why not experiment with what you have at home?! Your resources might be limited, but don’t let that stop you from making healthy decisions.

So here are 6 interesting recipes using JUST a toast!

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