Million Dollar Smile for World Oral Health Day


Who doesn’t want a million dollar smile? But, do you know getting anything up to perfection requires not only care but to be maintained in the proper manner. World Oral Health Day is celebrated across the globe on 20th of March. It is has also set its place in Pakistan as an event and day that is now acknowledged greatly. It will be the 5th year for Shield Corporation to execute CSR activities, by sponsoring this big day. Shield Corporation has set free dental checkups in over 36 dental college hospitals such as Ziauddin Dental College, Fatima Jinnah Dental College and more in 15 cities across Pakistan. World Oral Health day is as important as all other health days, because it creates awareness of the benefits of a healthy mouth and hazards around oral health that are important to the general knowledge of taking care of your own oral hygiene of young and old.

Why is World Oral Health Day so important? It has been assessed that about over 90% of the world’s population is more likely to suffer from some sort of dental disease in their life expectancy. These could be easily taken care of or even prevented in the first place by having a good oral care routine. With an increase in governmental health, associations and the societies supporting to help prevent, detect and the treat oral issues can avert these diseases from the root.

Every year, a theme is set for WOHD to promote it in a more happening and unique way. This year, the theme is, “Smile for Life.” Everyone should have a chance to have their own million dollar smile that’s not only glimmering but healthy inside too. “Smile for Life” is set out to have two meanings this time, one to share the positive message of having a lifelong smile and the other of celebrating life. A tagline that is, “Call to Action”, outshines the campaign further more.


Dental News has collaborated with Pakistan Dental Association this year in the launch of World Oral Health Day 2015 campaign “Smile for Life”, supported by  FDI, JPDA, FDI partner associations and Pakistan’s sponsor Shield Corporation. Activities set up by Shield Corporations take a start by having school programs to create awareness amongst children as well as having small checkup stalls throughout different medical colleges from 19th and 20th of March. This is followed up by a Press Conference by Pakistan Dental Association’s officials to converse over matters about prevailing oral health status in Pakistan. The activity is set out to across the whole of Pakistan from Sindh to Punjab. Institutions will be offering free OPD on 19th and 20th March, as Pakistan holds the third biggest rank in Oral Cancer, which requires immediate attention and care.

Discussing about the theme of 2015 of World Oral Health Day, FDI President Dr. Tin Chun Wong stated, “The “Smile for Life” campaign reminds us that oral disease can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene throughout life, from childhood to mature adulthood. After the tripling of the number of countries celebrating World Oral Health Day between 2013 and 2014,we are now looking to reach an even larger audience in even more countries as well as online.”

Dental News has taken this strong initiative of celebrating World Oral Health Day in Pakistan, with sponsor Shield Corporation since 2010 has been working day and night to generate oral healthcare awareness across Pakistan. This has to be supported by governmental institutions as well as from dental institutions where OPDs are made to be free on this particular day. So, take care of those teeth for a shining smile spree!

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