World Blood Donor Day 2021: Why should you donate blood


We observe World Blood Donor Day every year on 14 June. This day, organized by WHO, is celebrated to thank blood donors and to raise awareness to donate blood to keep our globe healthy and beating. This year’s theme is “Give blood and keep the world beating.”

Everyone Should Donate Blood 

We cannot manufacture blood, so in order to save millions of lives, we should donate blood. According to research, a single donation can save up to three lives. That is why for successful blood transfusion, it is necessary to have timely access to safe blood.

Blood is one of the most important components present in our body and it plays a vital role in saving human life. Let’s learn who needs blood the most and the reason why we all should donate blood.

Who needs safe blood the most?

  • For emergency injuries such as accidents or disasters
  • Pregnant Women, who bled a lot during childbirth
  • Patients with blood and bone marrow disorders
  • Children with a severe disease like anemia
  • Patients suffering hemophilia

Benefits of blood donors

Free blood test

Before donating blood, everyone is required to go through some procedures like checking of pulse, blood pressure level, hemoglobin levels, and more. These tests can detect if someone is suffering from any major disease or not.

Reduced risk of heart disease

According to a study, donating blood can reduce the risk of heart attack by 88%.

Development of new red blood cells

After donating blood, the bone marrow immediately starts producing new blood cells to maintain the same blood volume. This process makes our body healthy and removes any toxic degenerated blood cells.

Burn calories

We are not suggesting that by donating blood you can lose weight, but it’s a fact that you can burn approximately 650 calories for every 450 ml of donated blood.

We should all donate blood after every 3 months or at least once a year. It just takes 10 minutes to donate blood and save someone’s life. Let’s join our hands together and save lives.

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