Working Late Is Not Cool Anymore


There was a time when staying late at work would have earned you a few bonus points with your boss. Not anymore! This century belongs to efficiency which can roughly be translated to completing your work on time and leaving the office on time. An excessive amount of work load, having too much on your plate, or the need to impress your boss; whatever the reason that is making you stay late at office is simply not worth it. Even being insanely passionate about what you do is not enough of an excuse for you to create an imbalance between your private and work life.

Here are the top 5 reasons why working late is so out of fashion:

1.      You Need to Recharge

Falling into the working late trap is a pretty dangerous business.  It can lead to the perpetual cycle of working late in the evening, being tired the next morning and then having to work late again. This cycle will devoid you of energy and make you hate your job. Before it gets to this stage, you need to put a stop to that practise. Getting ample rest and having a life away from work is extremely important.

2.      Finish Your Work on Time, Stay Healthy

Working late can have adverse effects on both your mental and physical health. According to a study, working late can increase the chances of having a stroke or a heart attack. Being well rested not only increases your productivity but also boosts your immune system. Moreover, it keeps the mental illnesses at bay.

3.      Not Completing Your Work during Office Hours Is Inefficient

Your standard working shift is set for a reason. If you are finding it hard to complete your work during that time and by no fault of your own then it is time for you to take the matters to the authorities. Make them realize that work load and responsibilities need to be shifted and divided evenly among employees.

4.      Working Late Keeps You from Achieving Your Long-Term Objectives

If it has been a while since you are hanging late at the office, maybe it’s time for you to reassess your priorities. Recall your long-term goal and ask yourself if working late is helping you achieve it. Chances are the answer will be in negative. If that is indeed the case, you need to cut down this habit.

5.      Long Hours ≠ Increased Productivity

working late

You need to realize that staying at the office all the time does not amount to an impressive appraisal. You can earn more by putting your standard work shift to good use instead of slouching away hour after hour and not getting any work done. Therefore, instead of working on being invincible at your workplace, focus on completing tasks and building the economy for your company.

Try to put in your best efforts without disturbing your personal life and health. Success will follow!

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