Vaginal Itching – Reasons and Cure


Lately, you have realized there has been a lot of itching down there. Not only is that uncomfortable and embarrassing but you are genuinely concerned why your vagina is itching so bad. After all, genital healthcare is extremely important. While in some cases, the itching could be because the fabric of your undies, there could be other more serious reasons behind vaginal itching

If it is more than a temporary itch and making hygiene-related changes is not having any effect, you should get it checked. Visit a gynecologist. Meanwhile, here are a few top reasons behind an itching vagina and their possible cures:

Yeast infection

This is the most common culprit when it comes to vaginal problems. The symptoms of yeast infection include severe itchiness, accompanied with white, thick, and odorless discharge. You can opt for an OTC remedy, which will take care of the symptoms in a day or two. However, it is better if you check with your doctor.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is also called BV. After yeast infections, it is perhaps the most common cause of an itching vagina. While the symptoms of BV are rather similar to a yeast infection, in this case the discharge is watery and is smelly. The condition usually results when there is an imbalance between healthy and bad vaginal bacteria.

The usual treatment in this case is also an OTC cream. Yet, if BV does not get cleared even after that, you should seek professional help.

Contact Dermatitis or Plain Irritation

This can be another top reason behind that itching vagina. It usually results because of an allergic reaction to a product or fabric. If you happen to use scented products such as soaps, lotions, and powders down there, you should stop. Similarly, you should take a break from using sprays or chemicals for hair removal. Also, douching is a strict no! In addition to avoiding the chemicals, start using cotton underwear. Stay away from the synthetic tight undies and let your vagina breathe.


Unprotected sex, as you should know, can lead to STDs. Many of the STDs including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis cause itching sensation in a woman’s private parts. In case of lack of regular shaving, pubic lice can develop there too causing itching.

In case of STDs, other symptoms accompany the itching. These include genital sores, burning sensation while you pee, painful sex, and discharge with a foul odor. If any of that fits, schedule a meeting with your gynecologist. Possible treatments will include antibacterial medications, antiviral medications, and injections.


For the post-menopausal women, the itching in the vagina could be because of the changing hormones. This happens because of the decreasing levels of estrogen that thins the vaginal mucosal lining. Doctors on confirming that this is indeed the reason will prescribe you a vaginal estrogen medication.

These are the most common causes behind a vaginal itching. All of these are treatable. However, only in rare cases the itching could be because of vulvar cancer. Therefore, seeking a professional’s advice is highly recommended.

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