The Best Ways to Manage Your Joint Pain during Winter


If you have joint pain, then you might agree that winter is a difficult time of year. When the cold air sets in, it can make chronic joint pain even more unbearable to deal with. Everything is more stiff, tender, and achy during this season. We have developed our own kit of winter tips and tools for stiff, painful joints. We hope they help you get through this time of year with less pain and more ease.

Keep The ‘Burn’ Alive

Get up, exercise, and do the walk. Keep moving as it will keep your joints more flexible and your muscles strong.

Manage Weight

An increased body weight puts pressure on your feet and knees, which leads to pain. So, keep a check on your weight; you will be less prone to joint pain.

Get a Massage

Don’t forget to take care of yourself because your body needs you to take care of it. For example, a massage with warm oil is very effective in relieving joint pain.

Take Warm Baths

To soothe joint pain, take a lukewarm water bath. It stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and joints, thus, relaxing them and easing the pain.

Exercise Indoors

Rather than going for a high-intensity workout, opt for low-impact workouts. Go easy on yourself and your joint pain.

Wear Warm Clothes

Make sure your knees, feet, and hands are properly covered with a thick woollen clot to avoid joint pain.


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