3 Ways You Can Avoid Falling Sick After Swimming in the Pool


With the weather taking a U-turn, Pakistan is blessed with a pleasant weather. The cool breeze and not-so-sunny days have made many Pakistanis take family trips to farm houses with pools or waterparks.

But these trips can sometimes turn out to be unenjoyable, if you or your little one comes back with an illness. Many pools in the country unfortunately have contaminated water.

There are actually a lot of different parasites and bacteria that thrive in swimming pools and can cause people to become ill after swimming

This may be because someone who may have used the pool earlier might have peed in the pool or have had diarrhea, leading to remnants of that diarrhea floating in the pool and infecting other swimmers with Cryptosporidiosis.

Yes, it doesn’t sound so pleasant now, does it?

This, however, doesn’t mean that you skip your plan of going to the pool and enjoying the weather completely. But you just have to be more careful.

Here are three ways you can protect yourself and your family from falling sick after taking a dip in the pool.

Research before going

When deciding where to go make sure that the facility you are heading to is clean and hygienic. Call the place beforehand and don’t hesitate from asking all the necessary questions.

Or just don’t experiment with new places and go to the place you have been going to or know of someone who can vouch for it.

On the other hand, remember to take bathroom breaks when in the pool. Don’t be the one polluting the water for others.

Don’t go to places with animal enclosures

Some farm houses with pools also have animal enclosures nearby. While a picnic with animals around always adds to the fun, their close proximity with the swimming pool can transfer parasites from animals to humans.

Moreover, if the cattle or other animals are in the vicinity and you end up patting them, make sure you don’t get into the pool before washing your hands.

Avoid swallowing any pool water

Now this is tricky. We admit. Because the chances are when you are swimming or playing games in the pool you are going to end up swallowing some pool water.

But it doesn’t hurt to be careful. So, when in the pool avoid gulping the water in while swimming and also let others know that catching you off guard and throwing you in the pool is out of the option.

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