Super Benefits of Mint and Saunf Water


Mint and saunf water are two of the most popular health drinks people have these days. Saunf is also known as fennel seeds. Mint and saunf are both herbs, but belong to different families. Mint belongs to parsley family and is used in drinks, detox waters and garnishing. Saunf on the other hand is used as a spice because of its amazing flavor. Scroll down to find out about a few benefits of mint water and saunf water

Benefits of Mint Water

Benefits of Mint Water

1. Soothe the Stomach

Mint water or ‘podina ka pani’ can induce mild refreshing feeling to the stomach. It promotes digestion and can help treat constipation. Mint leaves or mint water can be taken just before the meal to ensure that no digestive issues occur later on.

2. Weight Loss with Mint Water

You can also make mint tea and have it after your meal. It helps reduce weight by making you feel full due to the fiber content in it. The essential oils in the mint leaves promote the production of enzymes that increase the rate of metabolism and improve digestion which also helps lose weight.

3. For Breastfeeding Mothers

Mothers have to face a lot from giving birth to feeding the baby. Sometimes feeding the baby can cause damage to the nipples and the area around. Mint water has been known to be effective in this problem. Mint water can treat the nipple cracks and soothe down the pain especially for mothers who are doing it for the first time.

4. Common Cold

Mint water is known as a decongestant. It is used in stuff like inhalers and balms for respiratory issues. Mint water has been known to be beneficial for sore throat and runny nose. It helps relieve the soreness thus aid in the treatment.

5. Anti-allergic

Mint water has anti-allergic properties and can help treat many sorts of allergies. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which heal you from inside and also treats respiratory disorders.

Benefits of Saunf Water

Benefits of Saunf Water

1. Strength

Saunf has been known as a symbol of strength and long life over the years, so imagine all the benefits it has for you. Drink a glass of fennel water every day to boost your stamina and energy.

2. Anti-oxidants

One glass of saunf water means a glass full of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants present in saunf water prevent degenerative reactions and also eradiate free radicals from the body. This not only keeps you healthy from the inside, but also from the outside by giving you a flawless skin.

3. Lose Weight with Saunf Water

Many diet planners add a glass of saunf water to their daily plans because of high fiber content in it. It helps lose weight while boosting your metabolism. The high fiber content also improves the digestive system of your body.

4. Cholesterol

Fiber content in saunf water binds with the bile salts and thus decreases reabsorption of cholesterol. This lowers the cholesterol level in blood and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

5. Anemia

Anemia, unfortunately is a very common problem these days. Fennel seed juice or water has iron and histamine which treat anemia and also prevent it. The iron in fennel seed juice reverses anemia and produces more hemoglobin. It also prevents clotting of blood within the blood vessels.

Mint and Saunf Water

Both mint and saunf water can be combined together because of their amazing benefits and good flavor. The water can be used for beauty purposes as well. It can be used as a toner right after washing your face. You can also take fennel and mint water steam to get a clean and radiant skin.

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