Neck Pain? Consider It A Warning Sign of Thyroid Cancer


When was the last time you went to see your doctor due for the pain in your neck? Have you ever noticed that one of the first things a doctor does is, they put their hands under your chin and around the surface of your neck. Feeling with the hands, is one of the first and most common ways of determining the symptoms of any physical problem. Thyroid cancer is a silent killer that weakens its prey without having an audience. Thyroid cancer can strike anyone, however women are mostly at target of this disease. In the current year, records suggest that more than 60,000 people in the US were possibly diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Above all, there are many other factors that are associated with thyroid cancer. They include family history, women over 40 years of age and people who were at some point, exposed to radiation. The month of October is a breast cancer awareness month, which reminds us to do more in order to save our women. To promote the idea for women who must stick to self-examination of their breasts. Stay vigilant by having your neck examined every 3 months. 

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