Prevent obesity with these easy steps


Obesity is the worldwide leading cause of many diseases. Hypertension, joint pain, high cholesterol levels and any other health related issues are owed to obesity. If one was to think about and list down the reasons of obesity, it would make one go mad, because it is not something imposed on man forcefully, but by choice.

Lack of exercise and unhealthy eating choices are the choices made by man himself but one cannot disagree that fast food, made so exquisitely yummy and incredibly cheap at the same time, is not easy to resist.

That’s one way to think about it. Another way to think about it is to take responsibility of the situation and decide to do something about it. When you develop that mind set, different options will come to your mind. How bad can healthy food actually taste? You’ll never know if you never try. How far is the nearest gym from your residence? Far? Okay, how far is the nearest road from your house for a morning brisk walk?

We all know someone or the other who have lost their battle with obesity and succumbed to the circle of habit, leading us to the path of gluttony and sloth. Before it gets worse, it is time to take over and take control.

Here’s some things you can do to prevent obesity:


Many people go for a diet plan in hopes to cut down on meals to lose fat. It is unfortunate how many people go for this theory because the actual case is entirely opposite. Skipping meals is a bad idea, especially breakfast. Many people aren’t even hungry at breakfast time because they’ve had lots to eat for dinner and after. The first and key step to weight loss and prevention of obesity is to have a good, healthy and wholesome breakfast. This works as a fuel for the rest of the day and gets your metabolism started.


Remember to always take the stairs. This simple lifestyle modification will help you burn more extra calories than you may think. Whether you’re at school, or at workplace, always go for the stairs. It will also help to refresh you after long hours of sitting at any sedentary job.


Many of us are habitual of having soft drinks with our meals and between them. Try and cut down, and if that’s becoming a problem, go for low-calorie beverages like fresh juices and even better would be water. You would be amazed at the number of extra and unnecessary calories you will be saving yourself from by making this healthy choice.


Often, we find ourselves too busy to work out and be healthy and stay in shape. That is just a reason to soothe our inner voice that actually tells the truth about it not being true at all. It doesn’t take all that much to be fit and maintain cardiovascular health. Just a walk around the block for 15 minutes, or at the workplace inside our office during lunch hours is sufficient. As long as you work those limbs and get your heart pumping, you are good to go.


Lastly, and most importantly, avoid foods which contain unhealthy saturated fats. Packet chips are loaded with those and so are fried foods. While French fries may one of the yummiest snacks to ever taste your buds, know that they are also one of the unhealthiest ones. When hungry between meal times, snack on nuts instead.

Try these tips and see how it helps you change your body image.

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