Poisoned Food: How clean is your food really?


What is food poisoning

It is actually a disease of the digestive system which is often caused by eating stale or unhygienic food.

Can food become poisonous

Of course it can if it is infected, tampered with or altered in some way. That is why we call it food poisoning.

Can we prevent it from happening

Yes you can, here are a couple of tips to get you started

  • Always wash your hands before eating, try using an antibacterial soap. Research states that people who use antibacterial soaps were less prone to diseases altogether
  • Drink clean water, no matter where you are and what you do. Always go for mineral water if you are out and about, because one of the major causes of food poisoning is unclean water
  • Avoid stale food at all costs, stale food can not only cause food poisoning, it also contributes towards liver disorders
  • Eat fresh fruits, don’t eat fruits before you wash them. Always wash your fruits thoroughly before you consume them and keep them refrigerated to avoid them from being stale
  • Spicy foods should be avoided, sorry. They are known to cause liver disorders, stomach and mouth ulcers

What are the symptoms?

  • Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting are common. If you experience any of these after you eat something, it’s time to see a doctor
  • Excessive sweating, fever soon after you eat something and dizziness are also symptoms
  • Stools that are black, tarry or bloody

 What else do we need to know about food poisoning?

You might have heard about what happened in Muzzafargargh sometime back when nine members of a family, including six children died due to poisoned food, which was intentional. Sadly this is not the only case where food poisoning was the reason for someone’s misery. We need to understand that other than food being poisoned intentionally, there are other reasons too;

  • Food being prepared with expired ingredients, to eliminate the cost of new ingredients. This is usually practiced in low budget hotels and eateries in Pakistan
  • Food being prepared with cheap ingredients, while going cheap isn’t bad but sometimes you need to be vigilant about what ingredients you are using to prepare food
  • People who don’t pay attention to expiration dates, which causes food poisoning.

Why does it happen

Costs are high and as they continue to escalate beyond boundaries, people look towards cheap options regarding food and various other necessities. You might think that it’s just food that is being poisoned and unhygienic, turns out that it is water as well, because of poor sanitation issues in the country. Measures taken by the government failed to yield the needed results so the people who don’t have the proper means to acquire clean water become victims of this epidemic, the worst part is that it is spreading rapidly across the country.

So what can we do

We can take precaution, it is better than cure. Pay attention to the tips mentioned and you should be fine. Be vigilant about expiry dates printed on food products and avoid eating out, especially at low budget places. Make it a habit to wash your hands properly before you eat, and wash your hands after you eat too.

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