How To Deal With Migraines At Work

Here are a few tips to help you deal with migraines


It’s 2019 and you think by now, the field of medicine would have cracked why exactly people get migraines or at least derived a far simpler and faster cure. But that is not the case. And not everyone has access to prescription medicines all the time.

So, if you too are a person who gets migraines as often at work as often as messages from the National Accountability Bureau, here are a few tips to help you deal with your migraines.

Drink. More. Water

Water is love, water is life! Keeping yourself hydrated is your right. Memorize these lines, because migraine or no migraine, you need to keep on having water, ALL.THE.TIME. There are literally no drawbacks of having some water now and then… except your visit to the bathroom will just be a tad more frequent.

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Avoid Salty Foods

If you love salty foods then S T O P. Salt on its own is actually bad for you and too much sodium can actually result in high blood pressure and increase your risk of getting a stroke. So, stay away from salt because let’s face it, the only person it is affecting is you.

Don’t Go On Hungry

While for most people going hungry only results in them getting hunger pangs, for some people it can result in getting a severe headache or a migraine. Make sure, you don’t go hungry as it might start as a slight pain and develop into a bad headache.

Don’t Take Stress

I know-easier said than done. It is not easy to avoid stress. But you can definitely recognize certain situations that tend to raise your stress level and so work towards side-stepping them. You can also use different stress management strategies to help you power through. Most people have reportedly said that taking a quick walk actually helps them feel better.

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Stay Cool

Heat is one of the biggest triggers of migraine. Keeping a small fan on your desk and using your break time to get some fresh air can actually help you control your migraine. Drinking some ice-cold water and putting an ice pack can also help you feel better.

While all of these tips help you avoid or deal with a migraine but if your pain is persistent then visit your nearest doctor at your earliest.

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