Kidney Business Raided in Rawalpindi


Police action was initiated on the report of a patient who sold his kidney to a gang but received no compensation. The officer, quoting the complainant, said the culprits offered him a handsome amount in case of selling his kidney but deprived him of both. The gang was running a kidney business in a highly organized way and never left any evidence behind; an investigation officer told the media. A judicial magistrate handed over the five accused to Lower Mall police on four-day physical remand. It is learnt that the gang would approach donors and buyers, and prepare fake relationship certificates to provide a cover to the illegal transplant. The racket busted on report of a patient, who had sold his kidney to the gang but was shortchanged. An intelligence officer told the media that the gang would visit impoverished neighborhoods. Furthermore, they would convince people to sell their kidney by offering them substantial cash. It is also learned that several people had died a slow and painful death after illegal surgeries. Police has arrested more five people involve in the business.

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