How Much Do Therapists Make on BetterHelp?


BetterHelp and TalkSpace have emerged as leading frontrunners in the online therapy industry. Boasting thousands of licensed therapists and clients, it is a company that has adapted well to the evolving state of the world. While online counseling is relatively new, these companies have proven that it is a profitable industry. Before you get started, you should ask yourself about the best platform for the job and if said platform is able to pay you what you believe that you’re worth. Today, we’ll guide you to the right answers to these questions.

The Two Leading Companies

Starting your career as an online therapist first means choosing the right company. There are several key differences between BetterHelp and TalkSpace’s platforms, which could ultimately factor into your decision. Being that they’re the two industry titans, we’ll pit BetterHelp vs. TalkSpace to demonstrate their similarities. This way, you should be able to make the decision for yourself.

The first major difference between the two platforms is the level of flexibility that they offer. Both companies offer several mediums that you can use to communicate with your clients, including text messages, video conferences, and audio calls. Access to these ways of conducting sessions gives therapists a huge flexibility advantage over their in-person counterparts. However, a majority of competing for online therapy platforms have a minimum client requirement in order to maintain your eligibility for employment. BetterHelp differs from that norm, erasing that requirement.

You should also consider the variety and availability of resources offered by the competing platforms. While the two present you with the same ways of communicating with your clients, BetterHelp offers a variety of worksheets and exercises that you can use either when conducting sessions or as a means of maintaining contact. This can be incredibly helpful in the long run, so make sure to keep that in mind.

In the battle of BetterHelp vs. TalkSpace and the other major online therapy platforms, the winner will be entirely up to you. However, there is also a key difference that sets them apart from other platforms – their method of compensation. While TalkSpace opts to go for the traditional hourly rate, BetterHelp takes a far different approach.

BetterHelp’s Pay Model

BetterHelp pays its employees based on an engagement-based compensation system. The general rule of thumb is the more you engage with clients, the better you’ll be paid. However, you’ll also need to give your clients the best service you can offer while continuously making efforts to bring in new ones to stand the best chance of success on the platform.

The other factors that play into your compensation are personal, but that doesn’t detract from their importance. Your past experience will play a role, taking your certifications and past successes into account. Your area of specialization is also important, as some specializations pay more than others and require differing experience levels. The last and most obvious factor to consider is how often you’ll be working for BetterHelp. As a general rule of thumb, the more you work and the more experience you have, the more you’ll be eligible to take in. Regardless of that level, however, they’ll be able to pay you what you’re worth.


The answer to the question of how you’ll be paid isn’t exactly cut and dry, as there are a lot of factors to consider when making that calculation. If you want a rougher estimation, you should consider using BetterHelp’s Estimated Earnings tool to give you an idea. Where you decide to work is completely up to you, but you’ll be getting a start in an industry that is continually trending upwards. To get the rewards of a budding industry, start by calculating a rough estimate of your yearly earnings on BetterHelp’s website.

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