How hydration makes you beautiful


Have you ever wondered why is it advertised almost everywhere, from our nestle bottles to TV commercials, about drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water every day? While eight glasses may not seem a lot, the goal is tedious for most of us to achieve. It not only makes you healthy, it contributes to your beauty as well.

We are all aware about the significance of water for life on earth. Plants cannot carry out photosynthesis and grow without sufficient water. Something as simple, yet complex, as a plant needs water to carry out essential processes for mere survival. The greater the availability, the more it blooms. Similar is the case with the human body.

Without water, it is difficult for most metabolic reactions to be carried out. It is therefore we are advised to drink plenty (minimum of eight glasses) of water every day. Did you know that out of all the organs in the body, the skin is the last one to receive water? Skin, being the largest and most widespread organ, needs water just as much as any other. Since it is the last one to be embraced by it, we must drink more.

Water may be the answer to more of your problems than you may think. Dull skin, freckles, acne, brittle nails, thinning of hair, lack of alertness, you name it. One of the leading causes of dull skin and freckles is insufficient intake of water. It makes your pores and wrinkles to be more prominent. This, apparently, is because water is essential for a number of collagen-building processes. The skin is less likely to crack and become visibly flawed when it is properly hydrated, plumped and elastic. Hydration makes it difficult for external particles to penetrate it, and cause damage.


Water not only works best at quenching your mouth’s thirst, but also your skin’s thirst. Along with that, it works great at eliminating toxins from your body making it look healthier and glowing.


Many experts agree that staying hydrated minimizes freckles and helps to maintain its natural elasticity and suppleness. With water, the skin gets plumped, making fine lines less-visible, giving a younger and fresher look.


One of the foremost causes of acne and pimples is oily skin. While many factors can cause your skin to be oily and pores to be clogged, one of them is dehydration. When water supply is inadequate, and oil-to-water ration on the skin surface is high, the skin becomes more prone to acne than you may think. Drinking water will decrease this oil-to-water ratio, reducing acne triggers.


Were you aware that one quarter of your hair is actually water? What does that tell you about the significance of water when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair? Yes, since water is supplied to the rest of the body before reaching the skin, inadequate supplies will leave you hair out causing it to thin. One way to prevent this, and to make your hair health better in the best and most cost-effective way, without having to spend on treatments, is to keep yourself hydrated. Minimum eight glasses of water every day should literally be your mantra by now.


Slipping more fluids throughout the day is definitely a boost for your nails. Brittle nails, easily wearing off or breaking of cuticles and nails is a definite sign of dehydration. With plenty of water you will actually see a difference in the quality of your nails and their growth as well!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and gobble those glasses of water down.

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